Intense Pulsed Light Treatment

SkinBase™ Intense Pulsed Light Treatment can deliver excellent results in just a few, short treatments.

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IPL for men – Hair removal without ingrown hairs

Body hair removal for men is one of the fastest growing areas of the grooming market. Men around the world are waking up to the fact that smooth skin isn’t just for women anymore. Whether it’s back hair or uneven ‘plumes’ of hair on your...

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Help! I’m a bride with a serious skin concern!

Getting engaged should be the most wonderful moment of perfect happiness. But for a lot of people who have a skin problem that they feel really insecure about, the realisation that they will be standing up in front of everyone they know, having...

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Is perfect skin on your wish list this year?

Are you ready for 2019 to be the year you achieve your best skin ever? Well, we’re here for you! Everyone is different, and our skin is too; that’s why it’s important for you to do your research and find out what treatments are available for your...

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