Intense Pulsed Light Treatment

SkinBase™ Intense Pulsed Light Treatment can deliver excellent results in just a few, short treatments.

Intense Pulsed Light from SkinBase™

Skinbase intense-pulsed light

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Winter Glow

Top SkinBase Treatments for a Wonderful Winter Glow

Who wants that winter glow? We know we do! And guess what? Treatments to help your gorgeous skin achieve a beautiful natural glow don’t have to break the bank either. What’s more, every single SkinBase treatment uses the body’s own natural healing response to stimulate new collagen production. 

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SkinBase IPL Promotional Day – Today!

We are looking forward to our IPL promotional day today. October is a great time to start a course of IPL, the treatments are usually every 4-6 weeks so a course of treatments started now will leave you silky smooth by summer.

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IPL for treating your skin concerns

SkinBase IPL for treating your skin concerns

SkinBase IPL is a medically CE certified system that offers advanced treatments for skin concerns such as; acne, thread veins, broken capillaries, campbell de morgan spots, rosacea, and pigmentation.

These treatments are offered by our most experienced SkinBase IPL therapists after further advanced training with SkinBase. They come under 3 categories of treatment; acne, vascular lesions and photorejuvenation.

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SkinBase™ is the leading microdermabrasion treatment and winner of Best Advanced Treatment 2018 and 2019 at the National Beauty Awards. With over 2,200 accredited salons and spas in the UK & Ireland, there’s bound to be a salon near you.

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