Intense Pulsed Light Treatment

SkinBase™ Intense Pulsed Light Treatment can deliver excellent results in just a few, short treatments.

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Feel confident on your honeymoon

You deserve to feel good on that sunny beach, enjoying hard-earned time with the love of your life. Feeling self-conscious or worried about how you look can really make it hard to relax, after all, you can’t cover up imperfections on your body with makeup....

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Spider veins – Can we treat them?

Thread veins, also known as spider veins, are a common problem. Lifestyle factors, sun exposure and ageing can all result in small visible veins appearing close to the surface of the skin. Whilst they are harmless, the appearance of thread veins can be alarming and...

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What is a ‘Photofacial’?

Photorejuvenation is fast becoming the facial treatment of choice for people who want a non-invasive, convenient and extremely effective solution for ageing skin, by treating wrinkles, lack of firmness and pigmentation. But what exactly is it? Intense Pulsed Light IPL...

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