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Just like the rest of us, celebrities have skin problems. Here are some big names who aren’t afraid to speak up about their skin issues.

With everything from acne to rosacea and psoriasis, these celebrities admit that they weren’t born with flawless skin their skincare routines consist of great cleansers, toners and moisturisers (as well as the absolute must – sun screen!) and weekly or bi weekly facials…

Cameron Diaz

Her face may appear flawless on film, but this superstar admits her biggest beauty challenge has always been her skin.

She has said that she has “the most sensitive skin in the entire world.” Her skin “takes a lot of effort” and is always “breaking out.”

Jessica Simpson

Simpson doesn’t shy away from talking about her problem skin

“I was on my first tour, and the stress was amazing. I had a terrible, terrible breakout. I just started looking sad because of the blemishes that I had. And when I shot my videos, they had to go in and digitally fix my chin. It was to the point where I was embarrassed to go onstage or do photo shoots. I was just embarrassed to be Jessica Simpson.”

LeAnn Rimes

The country superstar steps into the spotlight about psoriasis.

“Having battled severe psoriasis my whole life, I have gone to great lengths to hide my condition, especially as a performer. Over the years, I’ve had to deal with the emotional and physical toll psoriasis has had on my self-esteem and confidence, but today I no longer let psoriasis define who I am or how I feel about myself.”

Ewan McGregor

In April of 2008, the Scottish actor revealed that he was treated for skin cancer during a routine check-up — discovering a cancerous mole just below his right eye.

“You have to be careful if you’re pale-skinned and spend any time in the sun. I went to see a specialist who thought they were better to be removed, and indeed he was correct.”

Renee Zellweger

The Hollywood beauty has arrived red-faced to many of her movie premieres. The fair-skinned star has been said to have rosacea — a common condition that produces flushing and redness on the face and across the cheeks, nose and forehead.

Morgan Freeman

The Academy Award winner is one of many dark-skinned celebrities who have dermatosis papulosa nigra (DPNs) — a unique skin condition that appears as small, dark bumps and most commonly affects the face, neck, chest, and back.

The lesions are a type of keratosis that is harmless and will not turn into skin cancer.

William Shatner

The former Star Trek star is another celebrity who reportedly suffers from rosacea — which has been nicknamed the “curse of the Celts.”

Vanessa Williams

The Ugly Betty star and former Miss America proves that celebrities aren’t born with perfect skin.

“Whoever thinks acne is no big deal has never had any. You’re stared at, you’re judged, and if you’re a kid, you’re even picked on. And acne doesn’t care how old you are.” It takes a lot to find something that help reduce the scars.

Jerry Mathers

The former Leave It To Beaver star is a spokesperson for the National Psoriasis Foundation to raise awareness of psoriasis, educate the public about new biologic therapies, and generate hope for people with this serious, lifelong disease.

“Living with psoriasis is no picnic. When you’re covered with flaky, scaly, unsightly skin, it’s difficult to live comfortably. People think it’s contagious and they shun you, which can be humiliating. I want people to know that psoriasis isn’t contagious and that new treatments are just around the corner for those of us with this serious disease.”

Lots of our SkinBase clients come to us concerned with break outs, acne and acne scarring and we love nothing more than watching the fab results as the course of treatments progresses. Worried about your skin? Find your nearest therapist here and take the first step to crystal clear skin.

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