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Yoga for Your Face

Yoga for Your Face? – We’ll give that a try!

Facial exercises are nothing new but how about yoga for your face? You’ve probably heard of traditional yoga and the benefits it has on the body. However, yoga for the face is something you may want to consider this season for a glowing, youthful complexion. So, how does it help and how can you put it into practice?

The benefits of yoga for the face

Facial yoga is an easy way of promoting a youthful and slimmer face. If you’re searching for a way to minimise wrinkles and fine lines, this form of yoga may be for you. There are different facial exercises you can do, depending on which part of the face you wish to tone.

Just like the body, your face is made up muscles (52 to be precise). If these aren’t exercised regularly, they become weak, causing sagging and a lack of firmness. Certain facial expressions can contribute to wrinkles, such as smile lines or lines in the forehead. To counteract this, use facial yoga exercises to tone and firm your face. While yoga won’t completely eliminate fine lines, you can incorporate facial yoga into your daily routine alongside your favourite skincare products or professional treatments.

As well as boosting blood circulation and firmness, you’ll also promote a beautiful glow.

Simple facial exercises

Puff out your cheeks

Puff out your cheeks, moving the air in your mouth from one side to another. Release this air and create a small ‘O’ with your mouth. Repeat this exercise three times, moving the air around 5 times before releasing your breath.

Stick out your tongue

Stick out your tongue for as far as you can. Hold this for one minute and release.

Repeat this action 2-3 times.


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