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How to prepare your skin for winter

With the last of the autumn leaves falling, nights drawing in, and Christmas decorations already appearing in shop windows, it’s definitely starting to feel a lot like winter. With plummeting temperatures, our skin is often the first winter victim. SkinBase has come up with four tips to understand how we can aide our skin in the transition from summer to winter.

Keep using suncream

Although balmy summer days are long gone, and you’ve more chance of meeting Justin Bieber than seeing the sun again, it’s still important to protect yourself from winter rays and wear sunscreen at all times of the year. By protecting your skin, you’re also slowing down wrinkles and premature ageing, so it’s really a no brainer!

Switch from lotions to creams

It’s proven that creams are better at moisturising the skin than lotions during the winter months. Throughout the summer, a lotion can feel a lot lighter on the skin but during winter a little extra moisture is needed for the skin. Creams can feel much denser on the skin, therefore providing a greater protection from the bitter outside temperatures. So whilst you are swapping over summer clothes for your winter wardrobe be sure to make some subtle changes to your daily skin regime.

Reduce bath and shower time

With the shorter daylight hours, a long candlelit soak in the bath may seem like the most appealing option, but this may not be the best choice for your skin. Shorter showers, a lukewarm bath and patting the skin dry are key to lock the moisture into the skin. Followed by an all over body moisturise and your skin will be feeling extra soft.

Prepare for the festive season

With the much-loved party Christmas season just around the corner, it’s easy to forget about your skin and concentrate on your outfit and makeup instead. With the excesses typical of the festive season – copious amounts of alcohol, lack of sleep and plentiful rich overindulgent food, to name a few, we can often leave our skin looking tired. For some, this can result in painful cold sores or acne. If we are aware of the effects on our skin, we can prepare with a daily skin care regime, including a course of microdermabrasion in the lead-up, never skipping the moisturiser and getting plenty of sleep whenever we can.

If you follow our four top tips, you are sure to have beautiful, glowing skin this winter!

Kick start your festive skincare and find your nearest SkinBase therapist in just a couple of minutes.

Good luck!

SkinBase x


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