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We love winter. All those cosy nights, wrapping up warm and heading out for a walk in the fresh air and drinking copious amounts of hot chocolate, but – what we don’t love is what it can do to our skin and hair. The cold weather can be very damaging so to help make sure your skin and hair is getting the care and attention they deserve, we’ve pulled together some beauty hacks which will enable you to do just that! It’s time to kiss goodbye to dry, cracked lips and get your skin silky soft, enjoy!

Hack #1: Enrich your split ends with Vitamin E

Brittle, weak and parched sound familiar!? Yes that’s right, we are referring to hair in winter, that cold weather really knows how to do some serious damage! But, don’t worry – just run a small amount of nutrient-rich vitamin E oil (or pop open a vitamin E capsule) through your hair and it will look and feel better almost immediately. Some people say that vitamin E can even help promote hair growth, so come summer, you could be donning long(er), shinier locks. Yay!

Hack #2: Tea bags aren’t just for making tea

A cup of tea in winter is always welcome, but did you know that tea bags can also help soothe chapped and wind-bitten lips? Just like the tannins in the tea can immediately hydrate and soothe a sunburn, they’ll do the same for your poorly lips. Pucker up!

Hack #3: DIY lip scrub to the rescue

Well, we’ve heard of buying lip scrub but did you know you could easily make your own at home? Try mixing one tablespoon of organic honey together with one tablespoon of organic raw cane sugar and rub gently over your lips until all the flakes are gone. Then, remove any excess with some tissue and then apply some of your favourite lip balm for kissable lips Angelina Joile would be envious of. We’d recommend doing this each night (when needed), before bed, so your lips are soothed overnight and good as new in the morning.

Hack #4: Lock in moisture by applying lotion straight after shower

Moisturising your body straight after your shower will help to lock in hydration and have a greater impact on your skin quality. Pat dry your skin with a towel and then slather on lots of body butter—this will prevent moisture from evaporating and drying out before you can lock it in.

Hack #5: Bathe in Oatmeal

Want skin as soft as a baby’s? Then you should try an Oatmeal bath. Gentle enough for babies, just imagine what it’ll for your dry or irritated skin. So, how does this work? Made from finely ground oat grains, colloidal oatmeal is a natural product jam packed full of vitamins, minerals and lipids that all help to soothe and hydrate your skin. An oatmeal bath will work wonders for skin complaints such as eczema. As your bath fills with warm water just pour in a cup of plain oatmeal and add a pinch of essential oil (lavender is great to ensure a good night’s sleep?) for a cost effective yet luxurious at home treat.

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  • Well, we’ve raved about Vitamin E above, but did you know there is even more uses for it? Thanks to the BeautyTips4Her blog for this 7 uses for Vitamin E you’ll want to try.

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