Who should have microdermabrasion?

Read on to find out who should have Microdermabrasion and see the benefits, and who might be better off looking elsewhere.

Microdermabrasion is one of those rare treatments that suits almost all of us. Virtually everyone can benefit from it! Read on to find out who should have Microdermabrasion, the benefits, and who might be better off looking elsewhere.  

Suitable for all skin types

Whether your skin is oily, sensitive, ageing, blemish-prone, dull, lacklustre, rough, or unevenly pigmented, you can benefit from Microdermabrasion. It can help with acne scarring, keratosis pilaris, fine lines, wrinkles, and stretch marks. You can even have Microdermabrasion if you have sensitive skin! 

Different stages of life

Microdermabrasion’s versatility means that it can be there for you, no matter what your age or situation. 

For younger people, congested skin on the face and back can be a source of great embarrassment and discomfort. It’s really hard to be a teenager with spots, but Microdermabrasion can help to reduce the redness and inflammation.  It’s also great for unblocking pores and removing dirt and impurities that cause spots. Regular exfoliation with MD will stimulate cell renewal and help reduce the appearance of scarring. 

For those of us hitting our late 20’s and early 30’s, Microdermabrasion’s ability to rejuvenate the skin is perfect for helping to combat the dull, tired complexion that a busy career or new family can bring, and it’s also perfect for helping to reduce the first signs of ageing, those dreaded fine lines! 

For later in life, Microdermabrasion can help to stimulate collagen production and cell turnover, which reveals younger, less wrinkled skin.

Who should avoid Microdermabrasion? 

Although Microdermabrasion can help with a huge variety of skin concerns, there are a few that it may not be the best choice for. Anyone with rosacea or extensive broken capillaries should avoid intense exfoliation like Microdermabrasion, and opt for a treatment like IPL instead. People with skin conditions like eczema or hypersensitivity should also avoid Microdermabrasion, but it never hurts to ask: SkinBase Therapists are expertly trained to advise you on what’s best for your skin, so if you’re looking to improve your complexion, get in touch today, because even if they don’t recommend Microdermabrasion, they’ll almost certainly be able to help you anyway!