A detox can be a great way to give your insides a spring clean, whether you’re looking to slow premature ageing, increase energy levels, or remove toxins from your body. Detoxing can be extremely beneficial to your body and mind if done correctly. But with a big choice of detox plans to choose from, it can be a mind-field knowing where to start. Nutritional therapist Elizabeth Montgomery recently spoke to Grazia magazine about the need to knows of detoxing and we can’t wait to share with you!

Elizabeth said, “It’s important to be realistic about the amount of time and level of commitment when embarking on a cleansing protocol as it requires a degree of effort. Furthermore, there are no quick fix solutions. In fact, it is often beneficial to embark on periodic detoxification throughout the year. Understanding which type of detox will suit your body, lifestyle and circumstances is key, otherwise, the ‘detox’ will not create an internal cleanse- but at best create temporary weight loss.”

1. Organ Detox

“This one is important since the first step in detoxification is to prepare the body for the internal release of toxicity. The main routes of toxic elimination are: the liver, colon, kidneys, lungs and skin. Supportive diet, supplements and techniques are required to ensure that the body is able to release toxins both during and after the detox period,” Elizabeth explains. Look for supplements like milk thistle, peppermint and dandelion, which help to naturally support the body’s cleansing process and will give your body a helping hand.

2. Juice’ feast’ Detox

As Elizabeth explains, “This is a general detox and a great one for beginners. It is also increasingly popular for those living a high octane lifestyle. It may be embarked upon for anywhere from 1-7 days and usually is accompanied by supplements and the inclusion of some raw foods. This enables the body to release toxins while comfortably stabilising the blood sugar to help curb any uncomfortable detox symptoms.”

Example juice cleanse to help get you started:

3. Heavy Metal Detox

For those looking for a more hardcore programme, it might be worth considering a heavy metal detox. As Elizabeth tells us, “It’s important for everyone to periodically embark on this one since toxic metals are found our food chain in the land, sea and wider environment. Some of these include; mercury, lead, cadmium and aluminium. A focus on a dietary protocol and key supplements which aid in the removal of accumulated heavy metals is required.” Give your detox a helping hand with supplements like chlorella and add herbs like coriander and parsley to your food for an extra detoxing boost.

4. Candida Detox

“Candida Albicans overgrowth is increasingly common condition which leads to numerous health issues including: thrush, nail fungal overgrowth, headaches and fatigue. This is a restricted detox diet which requires a very low glycemic (low sugar) protocol along with supplements and usually lasts for several months.” A good probiotic will give your digestive system a boost.

Elizabeth’s top tip?

“Remember that the main purpose of a detoxification protocol is to aid the body in eliminating accumulated toxins. Detoxes should not be viewed as a conclusive treatment, but more as periodic stepping stones towards greater health.”

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