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So, Autumn is here. Despite the rain I am weirdly a bit excited about this. Dark cosy night, chunky knits and hot chocolates – what’s not to love. With it can come a tendency to adapt make up and the darker lip shades. So you can imagine our delight when one of our fave reads Grazia revealed in a recent article what your lipstick says about you! Read on!

Team Grazia beauty have spotted some pretty awesome dark lips out and about on the smackers of some of our fave celebs recently- think Lily Collins, Olivia Wilde, Alexa Chung, Taylor Swift, Daisy Lowe and even Michelle Williams in the A/W 2013 Louis Vuitton campaign. We’re predicting a strong, pigmented, berry pout this season, and we just cannot wait!



But, before you reach for your brand new vampy-hued shade, you might just want to bear this in mind… New research has revealed that people make instant judgements about a woman’s personality from the shade of lipstick she is wearing. So, whether your fave is a pretty pink, a dark purple or a bright coral, the conscious choice of selecting lip colour is subliminally linked to how she is perceived by others and can give an insight into the woman behind the lips. Intrigued?

According to the recent study, carried out by make-up maestros Avon, 70% of women surveyed admitted they judge women who wear darker shades as unfriendly. However, 24% of women said they would choose a dark shade for a work Christmas party.

What’s more, over 80% of women who took part in the survey said they perceive bright lipstick wearers as being confident, and almost 60% of women said bright lip colours, like reds and corals, signal friendliness. Renowned colour psychologist Angela Wright comments, “Red has the ability to draw people and grab attention, so can make you memorable in an interview or new social situation. However, red shades also represent a competitive streak and could be perceived as aggressive. But, when paired correctly, bright colours such as red can portray openness and exude a friendly vibe.”

Interestingly, 85% of women surveyed said they perceive women who wear paler shades as shy. But fear not ladies, as we’re big fans of the good old nude lip, and reckon it’s a gorgeous look when teamed with a smoky eye. Plus, when asked which one lip colour no woman should be without, the most common response was a nude or red.

Interesting stuff, right? Every girl knows how a great shade of lipstick can make her feel (when we’re feeling low, a slick of our favourite coral, MAC Lipstick in Vegas Volt, £15, is a sure fire way to cheer the spirits) although we think it’s pretty fascinating to see how these hues are perceived by others. What do you think, ladies? Will you be embracing a darker lip this autumn?

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