We have to agree that not all eyelashes were created equal. We all have that one friend whose beautiful long lashes make our own stubby ones feel distinctly lacking. But it’s not all about genetics. When it comes to having and maintaining great lashes, we have some top tips for you…

Don’t rub or pull at your lashes

You know who you are. Rubbing frantically at your eyes after a late night partying or working on a presentation – scrubbing at lashes to try and remove that final bit of mascara, or even pulling along the lash to avoid using make up remover altogether. Be gentle with your lashes, treat them as you would the delicate skin under your eyes – or risk losing them!

Don’t sleep in your mascara

It’s tempting to quickly use a face wipe at night, but take your time to make sure you properly remove all traces of mascara before you head of to la la land. A gentle eye makeup remover should do the trick – and it’ll let your lashes breathe during the night.

Beware of falsies!

Whether you’re a ‘party only’ part-time falsie wearer or someone who can barely leave the house without your lash enhancing beauty saviors, beware removing your lash enhancers. Too rough, and you can quite easily rip off your natural lashes.

Use your lash curler correctly

Ever applied mascara only to realise you didn’t curl your lashes beforehand? Yes, us too. Resist the urge to try and curl once mascara is applied though – as the curler sticks to your lashes you’re likely to damage them. Use a light hand when using your curler, a couple of firm squeezes should suffice, plus you lessen the risk of pulling the natural lashes out.

Use a lash conditioner

OK, so this isn’t essential, but we’ve heard great things about lash conditioners as a means to grow, thicken and add vitality to lashes. Struggling to qualify spending on a product? Try castor oil instead.

Replace you mascara often

OK, so we’re not really ones to talk here (eyeballing pretty old mascara tube) but all the research points toward changing your mascara frequently. We’re told that every six months you should replace expired mascara to avoid dry or contaminated product.

Don’t use waterproof mascara

Who knew? Apparently waterproof mascara contains some fairly harsh chemicals that help it stay on for longer – but do nothing for the health of lashes. Experts note that if you must wear waterproof mascara then be sure to apply a lash conditioner first.

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