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What are the crystals

What are the crystals used in SkinBase Microdermabrasion?

What are the crystals used in SkinBase Microdermabrasion?

We thought you might like to know a bit about the actual white stuff involved in each SkinBase Microdermabrasion treatment that we carry out.

What do you call them?

At SkinBase we call them crystals but we hear quite a variety of names used at the SkinBase HQ. Some of the names we have heard Therapists refer to them as include; powder, dust and sand. Aluminium Oxide is the correct name. These crystals are in fact high purity (99.6%) white aluminium oxide. It is a chemical compound of oxygen and aluminium. Aluminium oxide crystals are used by SkinBase Therapists during a professional microdermabrasion treatment because of its abrasive properties. They are completely safe to use and work with and pose no respiratory risk. It is very unlikely to cause an allergic reaction, but of course, a patch test must always be carried out prior to treatment.

But aluminium is a metal, isn’t it?

Yes aluminium is a metal. Did you know Calcium and Sodium are also metals? But when combined with other elements they become something quite different, and something to eat even! Calcium and oxygen becomes chalk or marble. Sodium and chlorine become Salt. Aluminium and oxygen become Sapphires, Rubies or Corundum (MD crystals). Aluminium oxide is also used in toothpaste, dental cement and as a dispersing food additive (so we eat it every day!).


Microdermabrasion crystals exfoliate the skin, to safely and comfortably remove dead cells from the epidermis and enhance cell renewal at the superficial skin surface. To experience a Microdermabrasion facial and enjoy the benefits of these amazing crystals for your skin, find your nearest SkinBase Therapist here.


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