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Wedding beauty tips for hot days

Call us optimistic, (well we have been having a heatwave!) but sometimes the British weather doesn’t disappoint and a few lucky couples and their wedding guests this year will be treated to a day of glorious sunshine and balmy temperatures. If you’re attending a wedding in hot weather you might have to adapt your beauty routine to make sure you look flawless all day long. Here are some tips that might come in handy, and they’ll also be helpful if you’re attending a destination wedding somewhere sunny too!

Keep it light

The less makeup you’re wearing, the less likely it is that your skin will end up looking cakey or patchy. If you can, try wearing just a tinted moisturiser, and perhaps some concealer under the eyes and on any blemishes. A course of microdermabrasion before the wedding will help to even out your complexion so you can wear lighter makeup with confidence.

Use a primer

If you want to wear a full face of makeup, primer is essential. It’s one of the most frequently skipped steps when it comes to makeup application, but you definitely don’t want to miss it on a hot day. A good mattifying primer will help to absorb excess oil throughout the day, which ensures your foundation will stay put even if it’s a sticky, hot day.

Pick your products carefully

To give your makeup the best chance at looking flawless until midnight, choose a long-wearing foundation that contains silicones to further mattify your skin. Apply a setting spray to your makeup sponges and brushes before you use them, and mist your entire face with it after you’ve finished your look. Keep the setting spray in your bag, along with some blotting paper to absorb oil and sweat throughout the day (but be prepared to share them if anyone sees you using them in the bathroom!).


If you’re feeling rubbish, chances are you look it too. It’s too easy to end up exhausted and dehydrated at a hot summer wedding, so make sure you’re well hydrated before you arrive, and try to drink as much water as you can whenever you get a chance. Aim for one glass of water for every glass of alcohol. Not only will this help prevent you from becoming dehydrated, it’ll also help your head the next day!

Pick the right hairstyle

On a hot day, the last thing you want to be worrying about is your hair looking lank or going frizzy, and having your hair down can make you overheat too. Consider a style like a braided bun, that will keep your hair off your neck, and out of your face. If you really want to have your hair down, be prepared and keep some dry shampoo or anti-frizz spray in your bag.

Sun Protection

This is something that a lot of summertime wedding guests forget about. Couples who get married in the summer usually have a ‘good weather plan’, which will almost certainly involve a champagne reception outdoors, and perhaps the rest of the festivities too. You don’t want to spend the day burning, desperately looking around for patches of shade, so make sure to apply SPF on every exposed part of your body before the wedding.


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