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Looking for ways to keep your eyeliner from running? Eyeliner is one of my favourite makeup items to wear, but I often find that it runs by the end of the day if I don’t take steps to prevent it. If you would like to know a few ways to keep your eyeliner from running, then keep on reading!

Use a good brand of eyeliner

Something you can do to keep your eyeliner from running is pay attention to the brand of your liner! If you can afford a higher end brand, then go for it. But if you need to stick to highstreet brands, try to steer clear of brands like NYC, LA Colors, or LoveMyEyes, as these tend to be cheaper and not as good quality.

Apply concealer under your eye

I hate it when my eyeliner seeps into the little lines below my eye! It always makes me look like I have a black eye. To prevent this from happening, I found that applying concealer before I put on eyeliner will help this problem! The concealer sort of “fills in” the lines, and also creates a barrier so the eyeliner has to stay put.

Set your liner

One of the most effective ways to keep your eyeliner from running is by “setting” it. Get an eye shadow that is the same colour as your liner, and use a very thin brush to apply the eye shadow over the liner! You can even wet the brush for a dramatic and long-lasting effect. This is a fail-proof method, works every time.

Switch your formula

Different women have different skin types, so you should keep this in mind when you are choosing a formula. Eyeliners come in liquid form, gel form, crayon form, pencil form, and even soft kohl. If you have very oily skin, softer formulas may melt and run much easier than if you used, say, a pencil form.

Try the layer technique

We all know how to get long lasting lipstick. Apply, blot, apply, and blot again! Well, this same idea applies for keeping your eyeliner in place all day! Apply your liner, and then smudge it out really well. Reapply, and smudge one more time! Now you have long-lasting liner that won’t slip or slide off your face!

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