Ways to get your makeup ready for spring coming right up and they don’t involve shopping. Surprised? Well, your spring makeup doesn’t have to be all brand new to be enjoyable. Time to shake things up a bit, ladies, and I mean literally. Follow these ways to get your makeup ready for spring and you’re guaranteed to enjoy your makeup much more!

Invest in a nice storage solution

First and foremost, a new season should be about improvement! Why not use it as a perfect excuse to finally solve your storage issues and give your makeup that much-needed special place? DIY your own super cute storage boxes, purchase them from your favorite home depot or work out any other solution that will help you keep your makeup organized, clean and, most importantly, scratch and breakage free! There are other ways to get your makeup ready for spring too but let’s start with this one, shall we? After all, I’m sure you don’t want your precious pots and vials jumbling together and leaking any longer!

Clean your make up

Okay, well this might totally sound like a lost cause, especially when you KNOW those specks of pigment are going to get scattered around in like a heartbeat but still… it’s going to keep your makeup cleaner, so why not do it at least in the beginning of each season? I use antibacterial alcohol-free wipes to clean the outside and inside of the cases, Q tips dipped in makeup remover to make sure the area around the pots is clean and paper tissues to gently scrape off the surface and reveal a fresh, new, non-smudged layer of eye shadow, blush or powder.

Clean your tools

Clean, shiny spring makeup requires matching tools, of course! Leave those spray-on solutions aside this time and use the longer way to make sure your tools are thoroughly cleaned. Wash all of your brushes and sponge applicators you want to keep, use an anti bacterial wet wipe to clean lash applicators and don’t forget to clean your fake lashes, too – you’ll be surprised to see that something that looks and feels clean could still have traces of old glue and mascara.

Rearrange your makeup

Your makeup is squeaky clean and ready to move into a new home – that should be pretty much it, right? Well, there is another interesting way to get your makeup ready for spring! So, instead of grouping your products according to type, try organizing them according to season and frequency of use, for example. Place all of those things you need available and easily findable every day in the top drawer, the ones you’d like to use more often this season right below and stash products you rarely use in spring all the way in the bottom.

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