There’s no denying that the only good thing about most Christmas crackers is the paper hat, so this year we’re thinking about going a different route and buying individual crackers for every member of the family, depending on what they like! Here are some of the best Christmas Cracker gifts around:

Bomb Cosmetics 

Containing three mini bath bombs, this cracker is sure to delight anyone who loves long soaks in the tub!

Hotel Chocolat

Who wouldn’t love a giant cracker filled with delicious treats from the nation’s favourite chocolate shop?!

Gin Crackers

Pure Lakes Distillery knows what we want and gets straight to the point – a cracker filled with a mini bottle of their delightful flavoured gin! Heaven. 

Personalised, make your own crackers

Posh Totty designs will personalise your crackers for you, and then send them over for you to fill with whatever gift you think will delight your guests. 


Oxfam crackers

Looking for a way to spread even more joy this Christmas? Opt for charitable fill-them-yourself crackers from Oxfam.

And not forgetting of course…

Beauty Crackers

Aveda, Birchbox, Caudalie, Jo Malone… the list of beauty crackers goes on and on and on, much to the delight of the beauty addict at the table! Unfortunately these don’t ‘crack’ but we’re sure they won’t mind when they see the treats inside…

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