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Whilst trawling beauty blogs, top tips and asking all our amazing SkinBase therapists for their very best tips for the most lovely of complexions we certainly come across some fairly strange ways to make sure your skin looks amazing.

Cider vinegar, lemons, and changing pillow cases – who knew they were some of the best ways to spotless skin.


Our skin really does seem to love the effects of exfoliation. I can tell you now that any lady or man whose skin glows like they’re in the height of pregnancy probably exfoliates and has microdermabrasion treatments regularly. The exfoliation encourages elastin and collagen to form (avoiding wrinkles and fine lines), cleans you pores to stop blemishes and acne, and leaves you with a dewy, glowing look usually reserved for the catwalk and carefully applied blusher.

Do it, and start now.

Face masks

If you live in a big, dirty city – or in fact in a small, quiet country town, if you wear make-up every day or just feel like your skin needs a little extra love, you should definitely make face masks part of your routine. Yep, you get to scare the living daylights out of anyone who happens to stumble across you whilst wearing one, but the mask should dry up in about half an hour, and then you can wash it off, cleanse your face with something non-abrasive, moisturize and go to sleep – looking and feeling as fresh as a daisy. Fab.

You can make an incredible pimple-killing mask from aspirin, too. Aspirin contains salicylic acid so it basically works like a chemical peel. Just crush a few tablets, mix with water, put it on your face, and let it dry (this should take about 5 to 10 minutes). Wash it off with cold water, and moisturize.

Rub a lemon on your face!

Yep, weird. But it actually works, lomon brightens the complexion (bonus) as well as preventing blemishes and acne and clearing our pores (umm, hello supermarket fruit aisle.) A lot of people spend a bundle on Vitamin C serums, but fresh lemon juice is just as effective.

It’s easy to do too. Slice a lemon in half, squeeze it and dilute with water. You can use this mixture on your face, knees, elbows or any other part of your body where you want to soften and brighten the skin. It’s great for fading scars or any other discoloration, too.

Be sure to avoid your hangnails or paper-cuts unless you’re particularly cruel, and if you do start using lemon juice as a beauty treatment, please note that it makes your skin much more sensitive to sun exposure. Be sure to use sunscreen afterward. But you already do that, don’t you?

Dab your eye cream and massage your moisturiser.

Rest assured that tugging, pulling, prodding and generally being as slapdash as you could be with your skin is a sure fire way to wrinkles.

If you’ve been lucky enough to get a microdermabrasion facial, you’ll know that there is a very specific way that beauty therapists apply eye cream and moisturiser to the skin. When you clean your face in the morning and at night, you want to mimic their technique as much as possible. Use your ring finger to pat your eye cream into the skin. If you use your index finger, which is what most of us do, we end up rubbing in a much too vigorous manner. Ring fingers are so awkward to use that you are forced to do it gently.

You don’t need to apply it directly underneath your eyelashes, either: Eye cream is supposed to be applied along the orbital bone, that round hollow where your eyeball sits. Dab dab dab! Don’t rub or tug, please.

Apple cider vinegar for clear skin

Yeah, it’s hardly a very ‘in vogue’ cocktail, but drinking cider vinegar is one of the best beauty tricks out there. Blergh, I hear you say. Well yes, but try diluting it with water and adding a little honey and then watch your skin miraculously become clearer. You’ll be holding your nose and getting on with it sooner than you thought.

It also works well as a toner: Just splash some on a cotton pad and sweep it across your face after cleansing. Yes, you will smell a little bit like a salad, but it’s worth it. Nom, nom.

Other ideas for perfect skin…

* Be sure to change your pillowcase regularly! If you find yourself breaking out on the side of your face that you sleep on, your pillow could totally be the culprit.

* Girls who use a lot of hair products should be sure to do some assertive (not aggressive, no, never!) scrubbing around their hairline. It’s not uncommon for mousse, hairspray, texturizing powder and the like to melt, migrate down your scalp and cause a proliferation of spotty little something-or-others.

* It almost goes without saying by now, but drinking lots of water, eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, and avoiding refined sugars is probably the best thing you can do for your skin.

Lovely stuff. We don’t know whether to head to the beauty salon or make a trip to the supermarket…

SkinBase x

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