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Caviar nails: the new trend

Nail polish trends come and go (see: the French manicure) but luckily there’s always something new, wonderful, and wacky in the pipeline. Last year it was all about crackle top coats and magnetic polish. We hadn’t really seen anything new yet this year in the world of nails…until now.

Welcome the happiest and poshest manicure going – the Caviar.

As far as nail art goes, it’s pretty easy to DIY, you basically just sprinkle beads all over some wet nail polish and let it dry. But this is the first time we’ve seen it offered in the convenience of a kit–Kiss and Makeup reports that the beads will be offered in three colors: black, white, and multi (seen above, which will make your nails look like a happy little cookie.) We fully expect other brands to follow suit–it seems like a concept that’s pretty easy to produce and the bottles of beads can sit right next to bottles of polish on the shelf.

Will caviar beads become the new glitter? We think so and we’ll certainly be first in line…

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