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Treating pigmentation

Treating pigmentation with SkinBase therapies

Treating Pigmentation

Both SkinBase IPL and SkinBase MD are great for treating pigmentation. They work in different ways to remove pigmentation and can be used in combination to treat it effectively too.

Skin gets its colour from a pigment called Melanin. Hyper-pigmentation occurs when the body overproduces melanin. This is deposited in the dermis, often in patches. It can be caused by hormones, pregnancy, acne scars and UV exposure. UV exposure is a big culprit of pigmentation and also the most preventable cause.

SkinBase IPL Photorejuvenation to treat pigmentation

SkinBase™ Intense Pulsed Light, photo rejuvenation therapy uses beams of light energy to target the melanin in the skin and treat Hyper-pigmentation. We recommend a course of 3-6 at 2-3 week intervals. Photo rejuvenation therapy will also work wonders on any fine lines and wrinkles and flood the skin surface with new collagen for a more youthful complexion.

SkinBase™ microdermabrasion (MD) facials are also very effective at treating pigmentation. MD uses tiny exfoliating crystals to remove the very outermost layer of skin. A course of treatment will allow the therapist to remove pigmentation layer by layer.

Make sure to wear a high factor skin protection at all times during and after treatment to prevent pigmentation recurring. For more information about pigmentation download our free easy-to-read guide.

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