Transformation of the Year Shortlist 

It is almost time for the winners of the competition to be crowned. First, it is time to announce the Transformation of the Year Shortlist. 

It is almost time for the winners of the Transformation of the Year competition to be crowned. They will each be jetting off to enjoy a holiday in a fabulous villa in the Caribbean. But first, it is time to announce the Transformation of the Year Shortlist.

SkinBase Transformation of The Year 2022

The Search has begun! You could be jetting off to the Caribbean. Follow the link for more information about the competition and how to enter.
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Transformation of the Year Shortlist 

Our 19 finalists and 4 wildcards have been narrowed down to the top 9 entries – all in the running to become the SkinBase Transformation of the Year 2022. It was a very difficult task choosing between all of the outstanding transformations that made it to the final. The Transformation of the Year shortlist has been sent over to a panel of experts including Chief Executive of Babtac and Cibtac Ltd; Lesley Blair, MBE and Salon Business Expert Liz McKeon, bestselling author, speaker, salon coach and trainer. Our panel are in the process of selecting the very best transformation from our shortlist. Let’s find out which entries made the shortlist…

Shortlisted Entries 

Morgan’s Beauty Therapy 

Morgan's Beauty Therapy

With 5 monthly wins this year, it is no surprise that Morgan from Morgan’s Beauty Therapy has made the shortlist (twice!) with her fabulous Collagen Lift transformations. Way back in January, she won the Therapist Choice vote with this incredible tummy transformation. Is this the SkinBase Transformation of the Year? Find out in January. 

Treatment: 4 x Collagen Lift.

Client Quote: “I have been highly impressed and shocked at how much difference it has made already.”

Morgan’s Beauty Therapy 


Morgan’s second shortlisted entry of the year – and what a transformation it is! She has truly reversed the clock on her clients skin, giving her a SkinBase glow. Could this entry take the crown and send Morgan and her client on a Caribbean holiday each? 

Treatment: 6 x Collagen Lift.

Client Quote: “My face looks and feels firmer. I feel I smile a lot more, and my confidence has taken a real boost.” 

AC’s Emporium 

Danyel Noon Shortlist

A wild card finalist chosen by our in-house therapists Grace and Shannon, Danyel’s microdermabrasion entry took social media by storm in November. The client’s skin has been transformed – with her fine lines and wrinkles smoothed away. Will Danyel from AC’s emporium become the first SkinBase Transformation of the Year winner?

Treatment: 6 x Microdermabrasion

Client Quote: “My skin has never looked as smooth.”

Moorlands Beauty Salon


Theresa from Moorlands Beauty Salon won the Therapist Choice vote in February with this fantastic entry, earning her a place on the shortlist. She has been a SkinBase therapist for a while, and often shares her knowledge and expertise with other therapists in the SkinBase Facebook group. A worthy shortlisted entry! 

Treatment: 6 x Collagen Lift.

Client Quote: “I am delighted with the progress that has been achieved from the treatment course as I knew it wasn’t going to be easy to improve my skin.”

Pamper Treat Repeat 


Hollie at Pamper Treat Repeat transformed her client’s skin – and her life – with SkinBase Microdermabrasion. Hollie’s fellow SkinBase therapists loved this entry back in September, earning her the Therapist Choice vote. Will this be the SkinBase Transformation of the Year 2022? 

Treatment: 6 x Weekly Microdermabrasion, followed by 6 x fortnightly Microdermabrasion

Client Quote: “It literally gave me my confidence to get my life back and speak to people again.”

Sian Cleak Skincare

Sian Cleak 

Sian treated her client with acne prone skin at the beginning of the year, and won a place in the final as a wild card entry. A fabulous example of how SkinBase IPL Advanced. A life changing transformation for her client, and a worthy shortlisted entry. 

Treatment: 8 x IPL Acne

Client Quote: “This treatment has transformed what I thought to be an inexplicable mess into an exquisite piece I am proud to call my skin.” 

Rebecca Willshee Nail and Beauty Specialist

Rebecca Willshee wildcard

Rebecca Willshee consistently produced fabulous results throughout 2022 and entered them into the competition for all to see. A worthy double wildcard winner, this fantastic acne transformation earned both her and her client a place on the shortlist. They are each one step closer to that Caribbean holiday!

Treatment: 6 x Microdermabrasion.

Client Quote: “My skin has never looked this glowy and healthy. Most importantly I’ve found my inner confidence.” 

Lotus Skin 


Michelle from Lotus Skin won the Therapist Choice vote back in May and left her fellow SkinBase therapists’ speechless with this astonishing neck transformation. The before and after images really speak for themselves here – a very worthy shortlisted entry. 

Treatment: 6 x Collagen Lift.

Client Quote: “Now I have skin that glows and my neck looks 20 years younger.” 

Blissful Beauty Company


With three monthly wins this year, Ruth from the Blissful Beauty Company certainly knows how to transform her clients skin. From acne to pigmentation, she has been working wonders with Microdermabrasion during 2022, earning herself a place on the shortlist. 

Treatment: 12 x Microdermabrasion

Client Quote: “I look younger, my skin is glowing and my confidence is soaring.” 

Congratulations to all of our finalists, and all of the shortlisted entries.