If you’re anything like me, then you love the feeling of confidence wearing red lipstick can bring. Just one simple slick of the wonder stuff can leave us with a renewed sense of self-belief and oozing strength.

Although we all love it, it can be a bold statement that sometimes we may feel too shy to make – after all, it can make men weak at the knees, women sit up and take notice and even old ladies on the street crack a smile.

Beauty blogger Hayley, or London Beauty Queen as she is known to the blogging community loves red lipstick just as much as us and understands the impact it can have and that it is important to wear it right. So you can imagine our delight when we stumbled across her blog on how to wear red lipstick the right way – and just in time for party season!

These top tips will ensure you look your best while donning a red lip – London Beauty Queen, we salute you!

First things first, you need to know your boundaries

Hayley advises that although red lips can look incredible when worn either day or night, the key to a phenomenal lip is keeping it simple. If you want the focus to be on your incredible pout, you need to play down the rest of your look. Instead of a heavy smokey eye, instead focus on a simple flick of liner. Try and consider powerful lips and eyes just like breasts and legs; it should be one or the other not both together.

The right shade is key

Blondes should stick to something classic that’s not too orangey, while paler complexions can get away with darker and more daring shades. If you’re a little concerned about appearing too OTT, or are looking for something you can wear to work, a hint of fuschia or berry can make reds more wearable, while a classic vintage shade looks good on everyone.

The right ‘red’ is personal to you

Don’t just go for the brand or shade that everyone is talking about and you think you should wear – instead take the time to find your own personal shade that works for you. You need to consider your needs, your complexion and your budget – fall in love with a red and you’ll be re-purchasing it for the next ten years. Reds should be classic, sexy and above all fun.

Make the effort to make it last

You need to make your red lips last for as long as possible to ensure you are oozing confidence all day long. That means taking the time to line, blot and build up colour to help the shade stay put, while adding a touch of balm or gloss will ensure lips feel comfortable. This will help avoid transferring all of the colour that is on your lips to glasses and coffee cups – a big bug bear of ours and I am sure yours too!

Take the time to match your outfit

If worn right, red lips can really smarten up an otherwise simple outfit. Hayley thinks that red lips look their best with a simple colour palette and streamlined silhouette, rather than lots of faff and patterns. Consider your makeup a part of your outfit and pair together pieces that you know will work together. It will provide a huge confidence boost!

  • Lauren Conrad is at it again with this brilliant guide to picking the right red lip stick for your skin tone – thank you LC!

  • Unsure where to start when it comes to lip liner? Then look no further. A big thank you to Pampadour for this handy infographic – lip pencils now at the ready!

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