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There’s two reasons we decided to blog about self tan today, 1.) It’s officially no longer summer (where did that go?), and 2.) It’s party season, and we all need a good Christmas party glow!

So, lets get tanning, and with our simple, top fake tan tips, you’ll look like a bronzed goddess in no time (minus orange hands and streaks!)

Before we begin…

It may sound like an obvious hint but trying to regularly keep your skin in good condition will help your cause when it comes to hitting the (fake tan) bottle. Try to follow the mantra and moisturise every day when you step out the shower or before you hit the sack. Patchy, dry skin just won’t respond well to a faux glow.

Prior to the tan

  • Shower or bathe atleast 24 hours prior to the tanning session.  Be sure to exfoliate.  Exfoliating is the most important step in achieving the best tan.  (Pay close attention to problem areas such as knees, elbows and feet.)
  • Use a soap you can see through, as a thick creamy soap can have moisturisers that will act as a barrier and can neutralise the DHA reaction with the skin.
  • Do not apply lotions, moisturizers to your skin right before your tan.  Use deodorant sparingly and little to no make-up is preferable.  These products can act as a barrier to the tanning solution, causing an uneven, streaky tan.
  • Shaving, facials, waxing, or any other hair removal procedures should be done at least one day prior to your tanning session. That includes microdermabrasion! In fact, we’d suggest you wait a couple of days after your SkinBase to make sure you’re able to slather on the sunscreen!

After You Tan:

  • Wear loose-fitting, dark clothes and flip-flops immediately after the tanning session (girls, we think borrowing your other half’s oversized clothing is a great ideas – although they might not agree!)
  • Avoid rubbing your skin with your hands until after showering (at least 8 hours later!)
  • Stay away from activities that will cause you to sweat or get wet.  This includes exercising, being in excessive heat, saunas, sex, swimming, bathing or showering (at last, a decent reason to avoid the gym!)
  • When the recommended time has passed, take a warm water rinse/shower to remove the solution/bronzer.
  • Continue to avoid bar soaps and body washes with heavy moisturizers.  Transparent body washes will continue to keep the ph levels stable and will result in a longer lasting, better color of tan.
  • Moisturise!  We cannot stress the importance of this step. Moisturise at least twice a day. Keeping your skin hydrated is key to extending the life of your tan. Avoid products with alcohol and mineral oils, as they can dry your skin.

Another top tanning tip:

A great tan tip, but one to work behind closed doors, is dotting a small amount of Vaseline along your brows and next to your hairline. Tanning the face should be treated with caution and dabbing the jelly means that any slip of the hand when applying will prevent dodgy tidemarks appearing in these areas!

From the expert…

“Believe it or not, the place where a fake tan can fade fastest is between the boobs. Prevent this by scrubbing the area well before your treatment. Avoid oil-based scrubs, as they leave a residue, and pick one with spherical beads rather than grains.” – Moiya Saint, A-list tanner to the likes of Victoria Beckham and BeautyLab tan expert.

Feature image: 

  • The same way you’d highlight and contour your face, you can define and create a slimmed illusion on your body with self-tanner. Sophie Evans, tanning guru at St. Tropez, gives us the details on how to sculpt and define every inch of our bodies with a few sprays of self-tanner. Have a read…

  • We love thise self tanning guide from ‘Self Tan Queen’. Well, she’s got the name for it! Have a look at her full guide to fuss-free tanning. 

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