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Well, the official start of Autumn has been and gone and I woke up today to experience, for the first time, that certain cold nip in the air. The cold weather teamed with hot showers and central heating can all have a big impact on the condition of our skin. So ladies, it’s officially time to step up your skincare routine and help keep dry, itchy, flaky skin at bay this winter. Brrrrr.

1) First things first – cleansing

It is so important that you match the right cleanser to your skin. Milky or creamy cleansers are kinder to the skin as they contain less stripping properties than gel cleansers. It is important that you establish a routine and cleanse twice a day, once in the morning and at night before applying a protective face balm. That will ensure your skin has the best chance of holding in moisture, and has a great defence against the cold and harsh winds.

2) Protect the face with a balm

If you have to face the cold, I can’t recommend face balms enough. Face balms help to insulate the skin, preventing the biting winds and cold temperatures from sucking the life and moisture out of your skin.

3) Exfoliate and moisturise

I normally moisturise at least every morning and night, but it’s all about doing what is right for your skin – once a day might be enough. Also doing a soft exfoliation once a day, followed by an application of thick moisturiser afterwards will help your skin when it really needs help to achieve that extra glow.

4) Sunscreen for all seasons

It’s true that sun’s rays are less intense in the winter, but that doesn’t mean you should ditch your SPF entirely. The rays can still damage your skin, and your skin can still burn during the winter months – especially on those crisp, winter days when the sun is bright. While it’s fine to keep your high SPFs for the summer months, make sure you’ve got winter coverage, too. It’s best to use a sunscreen which has protection against UVA and UVB rays and with a minimum coverage of SPF 15.

5) Omega-3 is your best friend!

Dry winter skin can lead to a dull complexion, and nobody wants that!

Dehydration is one of the key causes of a dull complexion – which isn’t surprising with all the partying. Once your body becomes dehydrated, your skin begins to really suffer. Dehydrated skin cells are replaced much slower than healthy cells, which causes a build-up of skin cells and limits light reflection. The easiest solution is drink more water, and load up on omega-3s such as walnuts and salmon which boost hydration.


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    Image: Express/ Eileen Leahy

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