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Top Tips for Applying Your Bronzer

Despite the freakishly warm weather of late, as we move into October and November at some point we’re going to have to admit defeat and hang up our summer dresses and start reaching for the cosy knits. Yes, waving goodbye to the summer sun will be tough, but there’s one thing we’re not quite ready to let go just yet, and that’s our summer glow!

During summer, bronzer is our favourite beauty bag friend, helping enhance our sun-kissed skin – and in autumn we’re going to need to rely on this little pot of gold to help us fake that healthy skin tone even more!

So, if you want to apply bronzer like a pro, then we’ve got some simple tricks to help you stay sun-kissed for longer…

Shades of Greatness

The first step in channelling your inner golden goddess is picking the right shade. In general, we’ve learnt that you should choose a bronzer that is one or two shades darker / deeper than your natural complexion. Don’t go for bronzers with orange undertones or you may end up looking a little more ‘Essex orange’. If you have naturally very fair skin then try to opt for gold shades rather than browns.

Angle Right.

“You want the bronzer to hit the peaks of your face,” we learnt from beauty bible, Byrdie. To start, use a large, angled brush to sweep the bronzer over the top of your cheekbones at a 45-degree angle.

Blending is your friend

Make sure you pull the bronzer upwards with your brush and blend it out using soft, sweeping strokes. Apply any leftover powder down the bridge of your nose, using a light hand.

Get fluffy

Next, you’ll want to apply the bronzer lightly to your hairline and jawline which we’d advise doing with a bigger, fluffier brush. You’ll be covering a larger space and making sure you don’t leave large areas of your face uncovered by product.

Your jawline

This area is a ‘must bronze’ as it makes sure you soften the transition from face to neckline and the rest of your body. You don’t want a face that screams St Tropez and a neck that says Wales in winter.

Et Voila! Hello bronzed beauty – go forth and enjoy autumn!

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