Oh how we love a bold cat eye. Sometimes though, there’s a fine line between getting the perfect festive feline eyes and a kitty cat fail.

Here’s three of our favourite feline flicks – courtesy of one of our favourite beauty bloggers, Byrdie.

Photo credit 1: Beauty is Boring

Solid and Glossy

Part cat-eye liner, part graphic eye shadow, all drama. An overdrawn cat-eye like this one is the perfect option for the girl who can’t decide if she wants to do bold eye shadow or intense eyeliner.

Photo credit 2: Justin Coit

Colorful and Cutout

Feeling a little retro? Try a cat-eye that doesn’t end. This one connects the wings and loops all the way back around to the inner corner, leaving the center bare for more of a ‘60s mod feel.

Photo credit 3: Harper’s Bazaar


If you’re looking for less of a time commitment with the same striking effect, try a dual-winged cat-eye. Make the top liner as thick or thin as you please, and then mirror the flick of that wing on the bottom. Just start the bottom eyeliner at about the center of your eye; only go all the way to the inner corner if you’re going for a Cleopatra vibe (which would also be rather NYE-appropriate).

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