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Korean Beauty Trends

These Korean Beauty Trends Will Make You Rethink Your Beauty Game

K-beauty, or Korean beauty, as it’s otherwise known, is fast becoming one of the major influencers in skincare. We’ve already seen the addition of snail cream, cushion makeup and sheet masks making an appearance on the high street in recent years, so what’s next? Check out these Korean beauty trends that are starting to make waves in the beauty world.

Filter cream

Filter cream is said to be a ‘snapchat filter’ for your face. Sounds interesting, right? Well, instead of masking your imperfections, filter cream is essentially a moisturiser that blurs out your pores, fine lines and other ailments to ensure your complexion looks bright, hydrated and dewy.

Sheep oil

While sheep oil sounds pretty scary, it’s actually an oil extracted from sheep’s wool. Sheep oil is meant to have incredible moisturising properties and it’s the only animal oil in the world that can be extracted without causing any harm to the animal.

Cleansing stick

Cleansing sticks are already starting to make their way to the UK so expect to see them shortly. Cleansers come in all forms like cream, liquid and gel – well, now you can find them in stick form. Cleanser sticks work by dampening the face and then moving the stick in circular motions on your complexion. This is meant to boost your circulation, promoting radiant skin.


Yuza is an Asian fruit that contains a high concentration of vitamin C. This protects your complexion from early signs of ageing and promotes luminosity. Many creams contain Yuza as their main ingredient to nourish and radiate. You’ll normally find it in moisturisers and it makes an excellent day or night cream.


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