We love hearing about people’s own little quirks which make them the individual they are today. We especially love hearing about celebrities who have strange anti-aging techniques or spend an extortionate amount on their good looks and beauty. So when we found this cute little piece from Beautylish on the strangest celebrity beauty habits, we just thought we’d share…

The weirdest in celebrity beauty secrets…

Karl Lagerfeld, Fashion Designer

This fashion genius is as much known for his signature white ponytail and love of Diet Coke as for his designs at Fendi and Chanel. He recently told Harper’s Bazaar magazine that he sleeps for exactly seven hours, no more or no less, no matter what time he goes to bed. How’s that for an internal alarm.

Catherine Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge

It was revealed that Kate spends upwards of £15,000 per annum on beauty products and procedures a year, but we’re more curious about her preferred facial cream. According to reports, Kate slathers on a cream that contains bee-sting venom. Pegged as an organic alternative to botox. Bizarre!

Tom Ford, Fashion Designer

For Tom Ford, there’s nothing more important than making sure one’s appearance is perfection. That’s why he takes an average of five baths a day. As well as making sure he’s clean, the designer also uses the time to relax and unwind, and claims that it’s one of the best ways to think creatively.

Cameron Diaz, Actress

Washing Cameron’s face isn’t a regular affair. According to various sources, the actress prefers to cleanse with bottled Evian water. We’d like to see her grocery bill! We’d like to bet that she has regular facials to make up for it though!

Tom Cruise, Actor

It’s not just exercise that keeps Tom Cruise looking so young. The newly divorced actor also indulges in the occasional Geisha facial—which includes powdered Nightingale droppings. The technique, borrowed from Japanese geishas who used the bird excrements as exfoliants, also counts Victoria Beckham as a fan. Sounds disgusting, but we’re intrigued. For those of you who’d like Tom’s eternal youth without the droppings, we’d recommend a course of SkinBase Facials, lovely. Find your nearest Therapist here.

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