Unfortunately, not all of us are naturally blessed with amazing eyelashes. It’s fair to say that some women have genetics on their side when it comes to luscious long and thick lashes while on the other hand, some of us have short and stubby excuses for them. But do not fear, there are some tips and tricks that you can try to help make the most of what you have. To help you on your way to fabulous lashes, we’ve pulled together some of the best practices of women with amazing lashes. Read on to learn more!

1) Curl lashes before applying mascara

We’ve all done it – attempting to curl eyelashes after applying mascara. It can be very painful as you run the risk of your lashes sticking to the curler and it can even pull eyelashes out when you release the curler – OUCH! So the moral is to curl your lashes when they’re clean and makeup-free and then follow up with a coat or two of your favourite mascara.

2) Use a lash growth serum

Typical lash growth cycles can be anywhere from 30 to 60 days and if your lashes are dry or fragile, they could be in danger of falling out prematurely. Regularly applying a growth serum will help to improve their condition and prevent breakage and brittleness, resulting in healthier lashes.

3) Magic powder

A simple trick to make lashes appear more voluminous is to dust baby powder or translucent powder over them inbetween the first and second coats of mascara. The powder will stick to the eyelashes and make them appear thicker and more luscious, adding some va-va voom and glamour to your look.

4) Be gentle when you remove mascara

Quite often, we can be in a rush to remove our makeup e.g. after a night on the tiles when we are ready to curl up in bed – sound familiar? Rubbing your eyes side-to-side can rip your lashes out and even can contribute to crow’s feet over time. Instead, use light and downward motions to remove mascara gently. This won’t cause wrinkles and will help to keep your lashes intact. A little trick to make the task easier is to hold the cleansing pad on your eyes for a few seconds prior to wiping the mascara off, so that the solution can do its magic.

5) Change mascara every three months

Old and withered mascaras can become a breeding ground for bacteria as every time you pull the wand out and push it back in to get more mascara on the brush, it pushes air into the tube. This is what dries out the formula and can transfer bacteria onto it. Aim to replace your mascara at least every three months to prevent old, flaky mascara and the dreaded panda eyes – or even worse, an eye infection!

So now we’ve got to grips with improving the appearance of eyelashes, why not check out our previous blog which is all about finding the perfect eyebrow shape for you – the two combined will make a big difference!

  • If you’re looking for an extra touch of glamour, false eyelashes work a treat – but applying them well can sometimes feel like an  impossible task. Luckily, our favs at Elle.com have consulted classically-trained makeup artist, Mikkelsen aka Miss Fame from RuPaul’s Drag Race to tell us how it’s done!

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