The Olympics has fuelled lots of us to start a get fit campaign, and we’re sure the Paralympics will be equally inspirational. However, often when we’re stuck sat in front of a computer for 12 hours every day, motivation and enthusiasm can wane – leaving us too tired to go to the gym after work.

Jamie Field, MD of 5 Star Fitness Personal Training Gyms in Leeds, Castleford and Boston Spa gives you some simple tips to keep fit even when you’re working 9 – 5.

Park further away.

Best case scenario, you’ll take advantage of some kind of physical activity to get to work, such as biking, but if you’ve no choice but to drive to your workplace, try to park further away than you normally would. Not only is it probably better for your stress levels as you avoid a stand off for the closest parking space to the entrance, you’ll also burn some extra calories just walking slightly further to and from your car.

Take the stairs.

This is a no-brainer: skip lifts and escalators and walk up to your floor. Stairs are an amazing way to burn calories and build and tone leg and bum muscles. Even better, if you have a couple minutes for a bathroom break, or manage to get time to go out for lunch – walk up and down a few floors or get outside and do a lap of the nearest park or car park. The fresh air is great for keeping you alert and motivated, plus you’ll reap the rewards doing that extra bit of fitness.

Sit up straight.

Believe it or not, sitting up straight is essential to maintaining physical fitness. Slouching promotes bad habits and an inactive lifestyle. Proper posture uses your ab and lower back muscles, slowly strengthening them, and promotes better circulation which will leave you with more energy to work — and hopefully more energy to hit the gym after work. Make sure your eyeline of your computer enables you to sit up straight. You can also use a rolled up towel behind your lower back to enable you to sit up straighter and in the correct manner. Squeeze shoulder blades back as well as drawing in your lower abs whilst sitting.

Get a group together and do something active.

Being part of a group who want to keep fit is the easiest way to maintain enthusiasm and motivation. Try organising a running club after work, or get your company to consider a corporate training initiative, whereby a trainer will come in at lunchtimes to do an hour’s workout with you and colleagues. It’s beneficial for both parties as fitter employees take less time off and are proven to be more motivated and effective.

Eat lunch outside.

It is proven that taking time out to eat lunch away from your desk will leave you feeling much happier and thinking clearer when you return. What better way to spend your lunch than going for a walk and eating outside while sat next to a river or in a park.

5 Star Fitness offer corporate training initiatives to suit any business, from running clubs, to lunchtime ‘bootcamps’ or nutrition talks for employees – businesses across Yorkshire are already taking full advantage of the training programmes.

Jamie encourages other businesses to put these types of initiatives in place for numerous reasons, “Many employers are considering the idea that offering fitness incentives can help with recruitment and retention. Employee motivation certainly seems higher and great moral is incredibly important in any workplace. With a healthy and active lifestyle high on the agenda of some new recruits, fitness measures could help attract the best talent and increase loyalty to an employer.”

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