We often rely on make-up, beauty treatments and costly clothes to feel good about ourselves, but it is possible to look great and feel happy without spending a penny.

The way we perceive ourselves can have a bearing on how others see us. We’ve all been there – we look in the mirror and fixate on the things that we dislike about ourselves, or dwell on how much slimmer we used to be, or how youthful our skin looked five years ago. But try not to focus on the negatives and notice the things that you do like about yourself – be it the colour of your eyes or the shape of your legs. Appreciate your assets and your self-esteem will quickly soar.

What we wear also plays a big part of our appearance. It’s not always necessary to follow the latest fashion trends, as what might look good in a magazine spread or shop mannequin may not suit your personality and body shape. Dress in clothes that flatter your figure, because when you’re comfortable in what you are wearing, it changes the way you carry yourself.

Similarly, practicing good posture – standing up straight with shoulders back and head held high, will automatically make you feel more confident and empowered, while giving others a positive impression of you.

It’s also worth investing in some ‘me-time’. Exercising may seem like a chore, but learn to enjoy it, and you will not only see a difference in your appearance (a slimmer body and radiant skin), but you’ll also feel physically fitter. Whether it’s a brisk walk or hardcore run – any form of exercise can boost your energy levels and give you a sense of accomplishment, leaving you feeling positive for the rest of the day.

Don’t forget to do something that makes you happy every day – spend time with friends, bake a cake or take a long soak in the bath. When you’re happy, you’ll exude an aura of beauty and attract more positive people.

Perhaps, most important of all is to be true to yourself. Be genuine in everything you do, as the more you try to be somebody you are not – the more uncomfortable you will look and miserable you will become.

Ultimately, the true path to happiness is to be authentic and appreciate your natural beauty – I know it’s easier said than done, but try it, and you might surprise yourself.

Love, Anjana x

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