In the ongoing quest for the “perfect body,” women have turned to a new–actually make that very, very old–mode of transformation: corsetry

The question is, would you wear one?

Corsets, girdles–or fajas as they’re called in Spanish–have been making a comeback in Latino communities in New York, particularly in Queens, for the past five years and now it seems they’re heading to the UK. Once something your mother or grandmother might swear by, these figure restricting undergarments are undergoing a revival.

It’s a bit baffling, considering the discomfort and women’s lib and all, but apparently demand for these torture chambers is only growing. One Colombian manufacturer, Colfajas, had to raise their production by 47 percent last year, exporting 60,000 items–thousands more than they had in previous years–to meet orders. Another vendor, Y & K, a small clothing and lingerie shop in Queens, says they regularly sell out of the 4,000 fajas they carries each year.

What do you think? Would you wear a corset under your everyday work wear or perhaps on a big night out?

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