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Summer is just around the corner…kind of! So we thought it best we share with you some of the most common beauty mistakes so you can avoid them and make sure you look HAWT this summer.

Mistake: Raccoon Eyes

The hot summer weather will make you sweat more, increasing the risk that your makeup will run.

The fix:

Switch to waterproof! Especially with mascara, there’s nothing worse than looking like a raccoon, or as though you were hit thanks to some running mascara.

Mistake: Jumping in the Water with Dry Hair

When you hit the beach this summer, remember this: salt and chlorine aren’t great for your hair. When you jump in the ocean or pool with dry hair, it intensifies the effect they have on your locks.

The fix:

Pre-soak your hair. If you soak your hair with fresh water before diving in, it’ll help build a barrier against salt and chlorine, making it harder for them to penetrate your strands.

Mistake: Wearing Makeup to the Beach or Pool

When you’re on the beach or at the pool, the last thing you need is mascara running down your face. Also, breakouts will increase: mixing sweat with makeup is no good.

The fix:

Choose a tinted moisturiser if you can’t resist, or go makeup-free!

Mistake: Neglecting Your Scalp

Sometimes you’re a stickler about sunscreen, but you just forget that one last part: your poor head.

The fix:

When you’re out and about, wear your hair up. That’s why we have hair, after all, to protect our scalp! Another great choice is to wear a hat — it’ll protect your scalp as well as your face and eyes.

Mistake: Too Much Fake Tanner

Sloppy self-tanning or too much spray tan can result in obvious blotches, unsightly streaks or downright orange skin.

The fix:

Be sure to exfoliate well to remove dead skin before self-tanning or your spray tan appointment. If you have a tan gone wrong, try the sugar & lemon fix. Mix one cup raw sugar with 3/4 cup lemon juice, and rub the mixture on your skin. Leave for a minute or two, and rinse off with warm water.

Mistake: Only Applying SPF in the Morning

Don’t think that lathering yourself in the morning is enough to last you all day. This isn’t just an issue when you’re hitting the beach, either. Neglecting to properly moisturize will leave you with dry, irritated skin.

The fix:

If you’re in direct sunlight, reapply an SPF of 15 or higher every few hours (at least!) – especially when you’re just getting out of the ocean or pool. If you’re just enjoying a day about the town, don’t forget to moisturize mid-day or at night to keep your skin happy.

Mistake: Letting Your Hair Get Fried

If you spend all of the summer months in the sun and at the beach or pool without thinking of protecting your hair, it’ll get fried.

The fix:

Invest in a summertime product with SPF in it to protect your locks as well as your scalp.

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