I am a fan of skin brushing, well the truth is when I can be bothered to factor in the extra 5 mins or so to my daily routine. And when I read over the benefits again, I am mad at myself for not doing it more! It will certainly be one of my resolutions for 2013, especially as bikini season edges ever closer…

Dry skin brushing involves gently brushing your skin with a natural bristle brush. It’s also a way you can soften your skin along with loads of other advantages so do your epidermis a favor and continue perusing below for some of the best benefits of dry brushing!


One of more obvious benefits of dry brushing is that it can exfoliate your skin. By gently brushing your body, you can literally brush off dull, dead skin cells and reveal new, smooth skin. You can use a brush with a long handle and exfoliate hard to reach places like your back that normally get neglected by exfoliating with a body scrub too!


Dry brushing your skin can stimulate blood and lymph flow to your skin, which can nourish your skin cells. Our blood carries oxygen and nutrients and also helps carry away wastes from working cells, so this is an important feature of dry brushing. Increasing your blood flow is kind of like cleaning your skin from the inside!


Another one of the beauty benefits of dry brushing skin is getting your smoothest skin ever! Dry brushing promotes soft and smooth skin from exfoliating. Some also say that dry brushing can promote a tighter look in the skin, making the appearance of cellulite less noticeable!


Other benefits of dry brushing include unclogging your skin and helping it to better absorb nutrients. The skin on our bodies can have clogged pores just like our faces, so we should make an effort to help the skin on our bodies to be free of any blockage also! Unclogged pores allow skin to breathe and sweat better in addition to expelling wastes.


Dry brushing your skin is also said to help strengthen the immune system by helping the body clear out toxins. There is some debate about whether dry brushing is actually an effective way to do this or not since our bodies do a good job of detoxing already. But, many people believe that dry brushing can help decrease the length of illnesses by moving

toxins out of the body. Surely worth a go?

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