Drinking 3 litres of water

We’ve heard H2O is good for you, but just how good? Read on to learn more about the benefits of water and how one lady believes that by drinking 3 litres a day she looked almost 10 years younger. Drink up!

Increased energy levels

That slow time of day, that mid-afternoon slump, when yawning is the only activity that is enabling you to stay awake, is not because you had a late night, or that you are completely exhausted, it is more likely that you are suffering from a mild form of dehydration. And before you reach for that extra cup of coffee, try having one or two glasses of water and see that almost immediately, just by the simple action to drink more water, you feel more alert and awake.

Maintain a healthy body weight

This one should get the attention of anybody who is trying to lose weight or is on a healthy eating program. When people drink enough water, they will effectively be able to assist the regulation of their appetite, as we often mistake hunger for thirst. When the body is getting enough water, metabolism functions at its most optimal level, maintain a healthy body weight.

Healthy bones

We all know that our body is made up of a large percentage of water, but did you know that your bones are actually made up of 50% of water? In order to make new bone cells and continue maintaining healthy bone levels, you need to drink enough water to help the bones continue to produce new bone cells. This is definitely one of the best reasons to drink water.

Eliminate toxins

Water helps to flush toxins and other harmful waste from the lymphatic system, kidneys and intestines. By keeping your system flushed, you will not suffer from the uncomfortable symptoms of a clogged lymphatic system, which can include fatigue and other health problems. Help your liver and kidneys do their jobs by giving them enough fluid to keep your body functioning at its most optimum level.

Healthy skin

Everybody considers a glowing and healthy skin, free of blemishes and blackheads, to be the most coveted feature of a human face. People spend thousands on skin care products each and every year to help them achieve the beautiful, rosy glow of a glossy and healthy skin. What they forget is that drinking enough water will get them halfway there, if not more. One of the most important reasons to drink water is for your skin. Water helps to flush out the toxins and keep your skin looking fresh and healthy every day.

Good digestion

Drinking enough water aids the effective functioning of the digestive system. For all of those people who suffer from the uncomfortable symptoms of constipation, fibre on its own may not be enough to help you alleviate the problem. In order for the digestive system to be efficient in waste removal, there needs to be enough water to help the functions. So before your reach for a high fibre supplement, check on your water intake first.

  • When we were researching the benefits of drinking water we couldn’t help but come across this article from the Daily Mail. It followed a lady named Sarah, aged 42, as she took on the challenge to drink 3 litres of water (just over five pints). The results were astonishing – take a look, here.

  • We love facts here at SkinBase! take a look at these brilliant water-related facts from Greatist. Basically, the site lets you into a secret that drinking more water helps all manner of things, from making you more productive, boosting brain power and keeping fatigue at bay. Read the full article, here.

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