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National Beauty Journalist loves SkinBase

We’re delighted to announce that award-winning Beauty Writer, Anjana Gosai is now our resident ‘beauty blogger’ at SkinBase. Anjana has been the Beauty Writer for the likes of The Sunday Times Style, the Daily Mail and other top publications including The Metro. She’s also the author of ‘The Ultimate Guide to Beauty’, a one-of-a-kind dressing table guide containing everything a girl needs to look and feel her best.

At SkinBase we love bringing you the very best in beauty and skin care advice, news and features and we think you’ll agree that we couldn’t have asked for a more experienced or knowledgeable individual to help answer all you beauty questions.

Anjana will be blogging for SkinBase on a monthly basis.

So over to Anjana for her first blog answering some of your commonly asked skincare and beauty questions…

This month I wanted to try and answer some common skincare and make-up questions and hopefully help you to solve all your beauty dilemmas…

Q1.) I have oily skin, should I still moisturise?

Absolutely! All skin types need to be moisturised. If oily complexions are allowed to become dry the skin will start to churn out more sebum to compensate. Be sure to select products labelled as non-comedogenic – these have a lightweight, liquid texture and are less likely to cause oil build up.

Q2.) My skin tone is quite blotchy and uneven, what type of skincare regime would you suggest?

Uneven skin tone can be caused by sun damage, hormonal imbalances, scarring from acne and environmental factors. If your skin is prone to redness, avoid fragranced skincare, which can aggravate the condition. Look for soothing ingredients like niacinamide and oatmeal, these will hydrate the skin without causing irritation. If the problem persists, consider seeing a dermatologist for guidance.

Q3.) Is it common to feel self conscious about my skin and body shape? As a beauty writer do you have any top tips for better ‘beauty self esteem’?

We all feel self-conscious and have the occasional hang-ups over our looks, so you’re definitely not alone. As a beauty journalist, I have learned about the importance of taking care of yourself – if you eat healthily, exercise regularly and take pride in your appearance, it will show. This is universal advice that appeals to people of all body shapes and skin types.

But, if you really feel the need to tweak your appearance, there are an array of great non-invasive, reasonably priced skin and body enhancement treatments to choose from.

Q4.) I have pale skin but would love to try a bold lipstick, everything I’ve tried so far looks ridiculous – how should I go about choosing the right shade?

Vibrant lips were seen all over the runways this season and they are easier to pull off than you may think. As a general guide, corals, hot pinks and reds with blue undertones can flatter pale skin. If the shade is too harsh, try dabbing the lipstick on with your fingertip, so you get a gorgeous sheen of colour.

Q5.) What are your top DIY beauty tips for ‘at home’ beauty?

A good skin care regime is essential for a healthy and glowing complexion. Many women overlook cleansing, but it is vital for wiping away pore-clogging grime and excess oil that can accumulate throughout the day.

Exfoliating is a great way of bringing dull skin back to life. Pick products containing ingredients such as alpha or beta hydroxy-acids, like glycolic and salicylic acid, which work to slough away dead cells to help make way for fresher skin beneath. And don’t forget to moisturise daily – this adds water to the skin and keeps it hydrated.

Q7.) What do you foresee being the new beauty trends / looks for 2012?

The fresh and luminous make-up look is a key trend for skin this spring/summer, and it’s simple to recreate with the help of some savvy product choices. Spend extra time prepping the skin by priming, buffing, moisturising and massaging it to give it a super hydrated feel. Then for a healthy looking glow, use a foundation with a sheer, liquid or mousse formula, which will melt into the skin with ease.

Flushed cheeks are also popular this season. Go for coral or rose toned blushers with a cream formula, which look more natural when the weather warms up. If you prefer to look golden when the weather warms up, you’ll be bang on trend if you shop for tan related colours like creamy copper, rust and terracotta to accentuate the eyes, lips and cheeks.

Q8.) Which foods do you find have the most positive effect on skin?

Increasing your intake of nutrient rich foods can really benefit the skin. Stock up on vitamin c rich fruits and vegetables like oranges and leafy greens, plus antioxidant-packed berries – all of which help to keep the skin supple, by promoting new collagen production. Our oil glands produce less sebum as we get older, so the skin looks dry and fine lines appear more prominent. Eat foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids like salmon, sardines and walnuts, as they help to lubricate the skin from within.

Those prone to spots should munch on foods like spinach, which is high in vitamin A and works to dry up greasy skin. As well as zinc filled foods like turkey and beef, which are said to tame the skin’s oil production, thus keeping spots at bay.

Q9.) In your opinion what is the most important beauty piece every girl should own?

Sunscreen should be a staple in every girl’s beauty regime. Religious, year-round application of a broad-spectrum sunscreen, which shields the skin from both UVA and UVB rays, is the number one way to prevent skin ageing.

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