How to perfect a smoky eye effect?

Everyone wants sexy, smoky eyes but it’s a look that can be difficult to get right. Applying deeper shades to the eyes requires lots of skill and accuracy. There is no room for error! Both eyes need to be symmetrical and perfectly blended. When applied correctly the result is simply amazing looking eyes. The shadow should never compete with your eyes. Not surprising then that smoky eyes are the most requested look for a makeup artist.

Here is my fool proof, quick and very easy guide. It requires very few products and the whole look can be achieved with just fingertips. What’s great about this look is its casualness, like you haven’t tried too hard, its not overly done and that’s why it works on all ages. It’ll go with anything and wouldn’t be out of place during the daytime either.

1. Apply under eye concealer. See previous blog for guidelines. This step is crucial so that your eyes appear fresh and bright otherwise no matter how well your shadow is applied you will just look tired.

2. Apply a little loose powder to the crease of the socket and a tiny amount to set the concealer, pay attention to the lower lash line.

3. Take a basic soft black eye pencil and apply to the roots of your upper lashes in short feathery strokes. Then with your ring finger smudge the line.

4. Now apply the pencil to the inner rim of your eyes

5. Dip your ring finger into your chosen shadow,charcoals,greys and dark browns all work well and smudge the shadow over the eye pencil. Work it into the lash line back and forth until blended, Continue to build the colour in this way until you have achieved the desired effect. Keep the colour to the lower third of the eyelid. Don’t try to extend it out or up to the socket. Remember you don’t want to try too hard with this look.

6. Apply lots of black mascara to the upper and lower lashes


Looking for some variations to your smoky eye effect? Try the tips below…

a. With a cotton bud apply the same eye shadow to the lower lash line for a blurred smoky effect. Finish with mascara as above.

b. With your ring finger smudge a shimmer eye shadow on top of the smoky colour to the middle of the lower eyelid. Continue the shimmer underneath the lash line with a cotton bud. Any shimmer shade will work but coppers and bronzes suit all eye colours. Team with oodles of black mascara. The contrast between the jet black liner on the inner rim with the shimmer shadow and mascara is really dramatic.
c. For a clean and modern 50s look do steps 1-3,leaving under the eyes nude. Apply some false lashes to the outer corners of your eyes. This works particularly well if you are prone to dark shadows, it keeps the whole look very clean and fresh.

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Looking forward to the next blog!

Helen x

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