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Next to lipstick, eye shadow is the next beloved beauty trick – nothing is more gratifying than removing the packaging from an eye shadow kit containing a myriad of colours and creating a personal style. Though you are excited about trying the different eye shadow tricks, you should first read about the pitfalls you might encounter. Look at this list of the top eye shadow mistakes to avoid.

Liquid foundation

You might be going for a consistent colour, but using liquid foundation as a base coat does more harm than good. The liquid eye shadow sticks to the creases of and ages the skin, making your eyelids look tired. The creases darken and cake to an unflattering thick crust. The better option is loose foundation powder as a cover before adding the eye shadow.

Kaleidoscope eyes

Nothing wrong with making a statement or going bold with your attire, unfortunately, I don’t recommend you try it with your eye shadow. There are certain occasions to wear bright eye shadow like for a music festival. For a night out – keep your makeup muted and sultry. Maybe you want to flaunt neon or mismatched eye shadow for a funky party to go with your loud style. It doesn’t work that way – you’ll attract attention for the wrong reasons.

Matching eye shadow with eye colour

All fashionistas are of the opinion that you should not match your eye shadow color with your eye colour. A sure-fire way to drown the beauty of your blue eyes is by overcasting the colour by wearing cobalt eye shadow. Now, navy eyeliner is fine and a hint of sparkling brown is alright for brown eyes, but don’t match the colours. Focus on jazzing up your eyes with colors that bring out their brilliancy so they look enchanting, and also, it contrasts with your clothing.

Harsh eye shadow lines

Though you want a bold look, you should try to sweep the eye shadow on your eyelids in a soft tone. Blending is the key to achieve a flattering look that will compliment your outfit; harsh eye shadow only looks good on the runway. Also, the color should be visible between the crease and brow bone.

Skipping the eye liner

As good and brilliant as your eye shadow is – it still requires a touch of eyeliner to add flair and structure. Now, you may think that avoiding eyeliner is the best decision as you’re terrible at applying it or somehow, it always smudges. Buy a better liquid eyeliner and practice, for a lovely underline to your eyes that gives you a lively stare.

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