The word on the street, thanks to our lovely friends over at My Daily, is that high up on the list of this season’s must haves are luscious lips, just like Kim’s youngest sister, Kylie. Don’t you worry Cara, we’d still give anything for your effortless style and beauty, but if you’re anything like us, we want to know, RIGHT NOW, how to have a pout that would make Kylie proud. Read on for our top tips!

So, want a pout like Kylie but feeling a little deflated in the lip department? If you are looking for some ways to plump up thin lips that are quick, simple and harmless and don’t involve fillers or other invasive treatments, then you’ve come to the right place! And don’t worry, even if you were blessed with lips that Mrs Joile-Pitt would be envious of (lucky you!), these tips will also help to keep your lips in tiptop condition! Enjoy!

Lip plumper

Looking to plump up your lips? Well there is a product that will help you do just that! And don’t worry, it won’t break the bank as there are lots of different brands available, to suit all budgets. The way lip plumpers work is by slightly irritating the skin which in turn makes it swell up, although this method is probably best avoided if you have sensitive or broken skin on your lips.

Lip liner

We are not referring to Pamela Anderson’s infamous dark lip line with baby pink lipstick, as let’s be honest it just looks ridiculous! But you can use the same trick to make your lips look fuller, subtly. Using your lip pencil, draw just outside your natural lip line. This will give you that little bit extra fullness without looking like you are wearing clown’s makeup.

Lip balm and gloss

Using lip-gloss or balm that contains menthol can help your lips become fuller. Although the effects are only temporary, they are impactful and much less drastic than more permanent methods like lip fillers! You could also try mixing a tiny amount of cinnamon oil with balm or gloss. Be very careful not to get the neat oil on your skin, as it is highly concentrated and could skin.


Your lips should be included in your exfoliation routine, but don’t use your normal scrub on them. This will probably be too harsh. There’s a much simpler and kinder way to get rid of the dead skin – gently rub them with a soft toothbrush. Then use moisturiser. This will help them look plumper.


Your skin needs to be moisturised in order to plump it up, and your lips are no exception. Just look at the difference when your hands are dry, and when you’ve just applied hand cream. Moisturised skin looks so much better! So don’t neglect your lips – use a plain lotion to keep them in great condition and help them look fuller.


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