We love giving you added beauty tips and value at SkinBase – after all, everything we do is about creating a happier, healthier and more radiant you!

For this weeks tip, we’ve moved away from our usual microdermabrasion and skincare focus and touched on a simple but effective tip for angle-free, luscious locks!

SkinBase Tip tip:

Always comb out the tangles in your hair before you get in the shower or bath – you will split and damage it if you wash it while it’s full of knots.

Before washing, rinse it with warm water to open up the follicles and get rid of any styling products.

Ta da! glorious hair for you party weekend! Don’t forget to get rid of all you extra ‘night out’ make up by booking in for a SkinBase microdermabrasion facial on Saturday or early next week – your skin will thank you for it!

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