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SkinBase tip of the week: Drink a glass of hot water and lemon in the morning – it will detox your entire system, helping to get rid of the toxins that cause skin problems.

Get your Lemons: Lemons are a powerful fruit that pack a kick. They are filled with flavor, while delivering an extra blast of vitamin C and enzymes to your diet.

Lemon has been associated with boosting liver’s function and tissue regeneration, which is helpful while cleansing as the liver is our main detoxifying organ. Coffee dries out your skin and dehydration is a major energy-sapper so skip your coffee to avoid energy loss.

To maximise cleansing benefits, get into the habit of drinking one hot mug of water with the juice of half a lemon squeezed in first thing in the morning. Refresh yourself throughout the day with cool lemon water.

To really cash in on the goodness of lemons, spritz a mix of lemon, apple cider vinegar, stevia (and sea salt/pepper to taste) on all your greens for the day.

Nothing is quite as cleansing for your skin than a gorgeous, relaxing and skin enhancing SkinBase Facial. Try finding your nearest salon here.

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