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SkinBase on the radio

SkinBase on the Radio and Nationwide TV

Have you heard SkinBase on the radio yet? If you are in the London area tune in to Heart FM and listen out for us. If you are elsewhere in the UK you will get to see the SkinBase advert on TV from next Monday nationwide.

SkinBase on TV?

That’s right. We’ve spent years building up our network of SkinBase salons. Did you know there are more than 2,000 SkinBase therapists offering our microdermabrasion treatments? Now it’s time to tell the country all about SkinBase facials and get the nation’s skin looking and feeling amazing.

Amazing Transformations

You only need to visit our before and afters page and Facebook page to see the hundreds of transformations we’ve been sent by our clients and this is just a sample of what has been achieved with SkinBase facials. Whether it’s; acne, pigmentation, fine lines, blackheads, open pores, scarring, stretch marks, we’ve seen great results for all these skin issues. If you think your skin is looking pretty good you will still benefit from a SkinBase facial. This exfoliating treatment will buff away the old, dead skin cells and stimulate collagen production to leave skin clear and glowing. Who wouldn’t benefit from that?

Book a course

Results from a SkinBase facial are progressive so with each treatment you will see improvements to your skin. To get the most out of this treatment we recommend a course of facials performed 7-10 days apart. To find your nearest SkinBase facials stockist fill out our Find a Therapist form here.

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It’s just one of many amazing things we hear from clients who are benefitting from their SkinBase treatments. As an added bonus all of the clients who are entered into the SkinBase competition have rejuvenated skin, and the opportunity to win a Caribbean holiday! What are you waiting for? Book a course of treatment now. 

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