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SkinBase Focus: Dull & Tired Skin

It’s Friday and we don’t know about you, but we. are. exhausted. Anyone else look in the mirror today expecting to see a face which echoed that Friday feeling and left feeling sorely disappointed at the bags, break outs and dull skin staring back at them?

Did you know that microdermabrasion is one of the most highly effective ways to to INSTANTLY refresh, tighten, brighten and revive tired and dull skin?

We spend so much of our time rushing from place to place, working, partying, looking after our children and making lists longer than our arms and then berating ourselves when we don’t manage to complete it all. So, we’re coming to the end of February now and we’re pretty sure it’s time to just stop. Only for 30 minutes mind you (we wouldn’t want you getting behind on your 1000 things to do!)

The reason that the SkinBase microdermabrasion facial is so brilliant for busy professionals, mums, executive men and pretty much everyone with a full school run / socialite diary is that it takes just 30minutes. (Seriously, if you have a lenient therapist you would even be able to class it as a lunch hour and take in a small snack with you, although we’d highly advise lying back and taking the time to just relax!)

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What is Dull & Tired skin?

We all have days when our skin looks tired, dull and uneven. Breakouts and larger pores can leave anyone feeling self-conscious about their skin. Normally skin renews itself approximately every 28 days. By removing dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin, The SkinBase Facial™ speeds up the rate at which the skin would normally renew itself – revealing new, fresh skin and giving a radiant glow.

Why The SkinBase Facial™ for Dull & Tired Skin?

• Revitalises skin by stimulating collagen and elastin formation

• Immediate visable results even after the first treatment

• Perfect for congested skin with open pores – helps to tighten and brighten

• Variable control allowing for deeper exfoliation of blemished skin

• You can return to your normal lifestyle immediately – a ‘lunchtime facial’

• Fresh faced feeling after a number of treatments resulting in less need for makeup

Sun damaged Skin – It’s not so bright for our faces!

As we grow older and are constantly exposed to the UV rays of the sun our skin starts to appear dry and dull. This is the result of the outside layer of the skin getting excessively built up and not exfoliated on a regular basis. Build-up is especially apparent to women since we realize that make-up doesn’t look as fresh. Make-up is actually being absorbed into the accumulated dead skin cells, which gives a very tired and unhealthy look to the skin.

Dull skin lacks luster and radiance. It screams ‘old’ and ‘tired’ and ‘run down’. It is a common problem and you can easily find yourself looking in the mirror and seeing a less than radiant complexion staring back.

Through neglect, nutritional deficiency, pollution, poor lifestyles or just bad genetics, your skin can become grey and tired. The SkinBase Facial™ is proven to help revitalise dull and tired skin – take a look at our videos of real women who have experienced the results.

There’s times you should seriously think about your skincare, and when it’s as quick and easy as a facial you can have done in you lunch hour ask yourself why you aren’t trying it! Book in to find your local SkinBase microdermabrasion therapist here now and get started on the new, fresh, gorgeous you!

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