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Easy steps to get clear skin

Beauty begins with great skin and caring for it is actually simpler than the Beauty Industry would like you to think…

Lets begin with the basics. Establish a daily routine to keep skin clean and protected.

Step 1 – Cleanse

Cleaning your skin properly is the single most important favour you can do for your skin. Poor cleansing leads to an accumulation of dead skin cells, makeup and excess oils causing blackheads and a dull looking complexion.

After determining your skin type (see previous blog) your only other decision is whether to choose a rinse off formula or one that is removed with dampened cotton wool pads. This will simply come down to personal preference. There are formulas to suit all skin types.

For combination or oily skins use a gel or foaming type product. If your skin is dryer or more sensitive choose a creamier texture. Avoid soap at all costs, it strips the skin and does not remove makeup very well.

If you prefer a traditional cleanser that is removed with dampened cotton pads then opt for a milk or lotion for combination/oily skin or a milk/cream for dryer, sensitive types.

Tip: Listen to your skin. After cleansing your skin should simply feel fresh and clean, it should never feel tight or uncomfortable, if it does, then swap for a more hydrating cleanser. Equally if your skin still feels greasy after cleansing then you will need to use something more deep cleansing.

Step 2 – To tone or not to tone?

Some would argue that toners are unnecessary and perhaps water is the greatest tonic however there are some benefits to using a toner.

Toners DO NOT close pores but do remove traces of cleansers left behind, the perfect companion if using a traditional cleanser but perhaps not essential if you prefer a wash off cleanser. They provide further balance to oily skins or hydration/comfort if dry or sensitive. Use after exfoliating or applying a mask too. The skin is left fresh and clean and ready for the next step. Perfect for travelling to keep the skin cool and fresh.

The skin should NEVER feel tight after toning. ONLY use astringents if your skin is very oily. Astringents strip the skin of moisture and can cause severe dehydration. The skin goes into over-drive and produces more oil to compensate. This leads to further problems, the skin cant breathe and typically under surface congestion occurs.

Step 3 – Moisturise

This is imperative in order to keep the skin supple and protected.Choose light weight/oil free /water based formulas for normal to combination/oily skins and richer cream for dryer/sensitive types. These days most formulas have the added protection of an SPF(sun protection factor)too, giving some protection against the suns rays.

To summarise, UNLESS you have combination/oily skin (this skin type ages slower since it has more protection from the sebum levels) all other skin types need hydration and protection in an attempt to slow down the ageing process for as long as possible! Therefore choose products which will provide maximum hydration, comfort (if sensitive) and protection.. Do your homework, there are lots of great products out there, ones to suit all budgets and lifestyles. Finally, remember that skin changes so listen to your skin in order to provide the best care accordingly.

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