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Show your appreciation – Leave your therapist a review!

Do you leave reviews for your favourite salons after you visit them? Or give feedback using their in-salon software if asked to? Reviews are really important for small businesses, so next time you pay a visit to your local salon, spare a few minutes to tell everyone else what great services and experience they can expect when they visit. Here are just a few ways that salons benefit from you leaving reviews online.

Online rankings

When people are researching where they want to go, search engines like Google will usually display the best-rated places at the top of the list. This means that your favourite salon is likely to get an increase in customers, enabling them to offer even more great services to you!


Salons love to use customer feedback in their marketing – customers are the most important part of any business, so your opinion really does matter. A lovely quote from a customer about the great experience they had is the best way to encourage more people to try them out.

Room for improvement

If you have a suggestion for your favourite salon, it’s great to let them know – whether it’s that you’d love it if they offered decaf tea, or that they need more places to hang up coats and bags, this is really valuable information for a salon to have.

Helping others!

If you have a great experience in a salon, you should definitely let other people know so that they can enjoy it too! Not only will you be showing your appreciation to the salon, you’ll be spreading the joy of their fantastic services to other people. You never know how long someone has been searching for the best facial, manicure or massage, and they might just find it because of your review!


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