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Seven Hair Hacks You Need to Know

Regardless whether it’s beauty, skincare or fashion, we love a beauty hack, and we know you do too. That’s why this week we’ve scourd the web for seven of our favourite hair hacks. Enjoy…

Avoid conditioning your roots

Those of use who are ‘blessed’ with fine or oily hair should avoid conditioning the roots of our locks. The weight of conditioner is likely to exacerbate grease and will encourage you to fall into washing your hair daily. Instead, try a light leave in conditioner after you’ve showered to maintain condition – then use a dry shampoo between washes to keep grease at bay!

Hairspray your bobby pins

We’ve all been there, attempting to slide a pin into a near perfect ‘do’, only to have it slip right out with zero staying power. A quick spray of each pin with medium hold hairspray will make your pins work harder and your hairstyle stay put for longer.

Thick hair? Apply conditioner before washing it

If you have luscious, thick hair, then you’ll know that tangles are a daily occurance. To avoid combing out clumps of hair whilst it’s wet, spray a leave in conditioner in before you shower and comb through then. You’ll be amazed at the difference.

Curls in a flash

Want a super quick curl? Gather your hair into a ponytail and split it where you want the parting. The curl away! Once the curls have dried, let down your ponytail and spray with some flexi-hold hairspray. Et voila!

The toothbrush and hairspray hack

No one likes the unpleasant feeling of stiff hair after too much hairspray. If you have the odd flyaway, grab an old toothbrush and apply a little spray, then simply run over those pesky strands. Goodbye helmet head.

Use dry shampoo – at night!

If you know there is zero chance you’re going to get time to wash your hair when you have an early start, ensure you wake with healthy and greaseless locks by applying dry shampoo before your head hits the pillow. Overnight the shampoo will work its magic into your strands. It’s a trick that might get you a lie in!

When curling your hair – start from the middle!

To get long-lasting curls, start curling from the middle, not the end, of your hair. It will help hair stay wavy for longer!

Have you got any hair hacks you love? We want to hear them, so comment below…

* Header image from Lifehack – thank you! *


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