Ladies, do you want lush, healthy locks, and are you looking for secrets to healthy hair? Have you tried every method to moisturise your hair and get rid of split ends, and create more volume? Well, I have a few secrets to share with you to revamp from dry, brittle, hair and turn that unhealthy head into healthy, gorgeous hair! When you’re done you’ll have ladies and gentlemen breaking necks to see your hair when you walk by! Here are some secrets to healthy hair.

Trim those nasty split ends!

Cutting these little devils can make a lot of difference — who would’ve thought, right? Getting monthly trims to get rid of those nasty dead ends not only help your hair grow in length, but it definitely provides a sleeker, healthier look to your strands! Say bye-bye to ugly split ends, and say hello to gorgeous, healthy hair! This is one of the most important secrets to healthy hair.

Protect your tresses

Blow drying, hair straighteners, curling irons, crimpers, etc. Those heat devices can definitely damage your hair! Not only do they make hair dry and frizzy, but they also create split ends! So you need to make sure you protect your tresses! Use a heat protectant product and use the correct amount of heat on your hair.

Be gentle and prep your hair and use the right temperature, You’ll thank me later!

Leave in conditioner

If you haven’t tried this yet, you’re definitely missing out! Use leave in conditioner overnight and not only will it leave your strands shiny and healthy, but it moisturises and restores those vitamins and nutrients that are taken away from curling and straightening your hair! Talk about a two for one deal!

Shampoo and conditioner

Now, who doesn’t love a good scalp massage when you’re in the shower? But, it’s not just a myth that your hair can become immune to a shampoo and conditioner! So, always have a back-up stash of the “good stuff.” Twice a week swap your standard for your secondary. Remember, it’s all for the end result – shiny, healthy, luscious locks!


Keeping the right temperature is another key topic for healthy hair! Remember, cold water cures all! I know that warm water may feel amazing on your skin, but it’s a big no-no for your hair! Warm and hot water actually rob your strands of vital moisturising agents! So, remember when you’re washing up, stick to warm or room temperature water when possible, and rinse out conditioner with cool water.

Ease up on the elastics!

Ease up on those elastic hair ties! Although, at times these bad boys can be a girl’s best friend, these sneaky little ties can actually cause breakage! Limit the use of these helpful yet dreadful accessories and opt in for grips or headbands!


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