Our top Beauty Journalist, Anjana Gosai is back with SkinBase once again. This time talking about how to get a wonderfully healthy glowing skin…

Achieving a glowing complexion is, for many of us, the holy grail of beauty – something we are always striving for, as it can help us look younger and healthier.

My inbox is constantly full of emails from readers looking for advice on how to attain a radiant complexion or balance out uneven skin.

There are several things you can do to achieve a healthy, luminous glow. Follow these tips and get on the fast track to brighter skin.


The number one culprit robbing our complexion of luminosity is a build up of dead skin cells. Unfortunately, as we age, the natural turnover of cells slows down, so our skin looks dull and lifeless.

You’ll see an immediate difference, if you polish your face and body, twice a week using products containing ingredients like glycolic and salicylic acid, which work to slough away dead cells, allowing fresher skin to shine through.


Skin blighted with pigmentation and sunspots can also contribute to a lacklustre appearance, as it doesn’t reflect light as well.

If your skin is blotchy, you’ll need a more dramatic radiance boost, like a mild, home-use peel containing alpha-hydroxy acids (like glycolic and lactic acid). Since the skin does most of its rejuvenating overnight, it’s best to apply it before bedtime.

Serums are also great for fading pigmentation and revving up radiance. It’s worth shopping for multitasking, antioxidant-filled formulas containing vitamin C or soybean extract – these help to fade brown spots, brighten the skin, while also protecting against DNA damaging free-radicals.

And, don’t forget to slather on a sunscreen with added UVA and UVB protection -every single day – as sun damaged skin not only looks older, but can appear dull too.

If these DIY tricks fail to deliver, book yourself in for a high-tech salon facial, such as a microdermabrasion, which can quickly help to bring dull skin back to life.


When it comes to selecting a moisturiser, look out for brightening vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, an ingredient, which draws in large amounts of water into the skin to keep it looking dewy and plump.

The way you apply your products can also make a huge difference to your skin. Facialists swear by spending a few minutes massaging in your moisturiser or face oil – the massage action brings fresh oxygen to the skin, making it appear more rosy.


While skincare can take a few weeks to work, make-up can help you cheat an immediate glow.

Radiant skin was a prominent feature on this season’s catwalks, and make-up artists got the look with a few clever tricks.

Smoothing on a gradual self-tanner can give the skin a subtle glow, in just a few hours. But, if you only have minutes to spare, apply an illuminating primer under your foundation to even out the skin and provide a soft glow.

Mixing a few drops of a cream illuminator to your foundation or dabbing some highlighter where the sun would naturally hit – along the cheekbones and down the bridge of the nose, can also perk up the skin in a flash.

Follow these tips and you’ll be glowing in no time!

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