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Face of skin logic

Salon Spotlight – The search for the ‘Face of Skin Logic’

We have an exciting new Salon Spotlight to share with you today. We have been talking to one of our SkinBase stockists, Sara Barnett from Skin Logic, about a new campaign she has launched in her area to find the ’Face of Skin Logic’. Thanks for talking to us Sara. We can’t wait to hear all about it.

Tell us why you wanted to launch this campaign?

Having taken over Skin Logic in Romsey last year, I wanted to give something back to the local people and clients who had supported me during this time and also showcase some of the amazing treatments within the salon. Ultimately, I suppose it was the idea of giving something back that inspired the ‘pay it forward’ nature of this campaign. I’m a strong believer that good things happen to good people and I knew we, as a team, could enable this for someone special.

How did you choose the ‘Face of Skin Logic’

January through early February 2017 we ran full page ‘Wanted Poster’ style adverts in social media and the local press along with accompanying editorial features. Local shops and businesses also put our flyers and posters on display to help spread the word too – the support has been amazing.

February 10th was the closing date for nominations and we then met with our Face of Skin Logic candidates. Deciding who would be our chosen, ‘Face’, was really tough (she had to be inspiring, deserving and determined) so we spent a day, meeting some truly amazing women – some of whom had been nominated and others who had nominated themselves. That said, there was one person in particular who really stood out…

Tell us a bit about her

Our chosen ‘Face of Skin Logic’ wasn’t an existing client, she hadn’t been able to spend time on her hair or skin because she had been so busy putting the needs of others before herself. This, in turn, meant we would have lots of work to do! Her life story was also compelling: Years ago, she left a troubled relationship abroad, unwillingly leaving 2 of her 4 children behind until, years later, she won her fight to bring them home. She was then faced with the death of her father and more recently has found herself in the role of sole carer to her Mum.

Despite all the setbacks and challenges in her own life, she has raised lots of money for Cancer charities and once, even had her head shaved for fundraising and to really know how it would feel for a woman to lose her hair to chemotherapy She also volunteers complimentary therapies once a fortnight to cancer patients in hospices and discounts her treatment prices as a Complimentary and Sports Therapist for people who are carers themselves. This lady is beautiful inside and out and we believe is totally deserving of what could be a life-changing gift from us all, to really reward and acknowledge the generosity she has shown to others.

How did she feel to find out she had been chosen as the Face of the campaign?

She was overjoyed and couldn’t quite believe it! There was lots of teary eyed tissue flapping – mainly from me!!

Who else is involved in the transformation process?

Knowing we couldn’t achieve the full transformation result in just 10 weeks on our own, we enlisted the help of other local businesses to make this happen. Everyone we spoke to jumped on board and are thrilled to be taking part in the project – both in gifting towards a great cause and at the same time showcasing what they do. We have Belle Boutique (hairdresser), Inz.pired Boutique (clothing), Helen Rushton (photographer), Individually Unique (toning table studio) and The White Horse Hotel and Brasserie, a stunning venue for our grand, ‘reveal’ who have also donated a meal for two for our lovely, ‘Face’ and a partner.

Skin Logic’s visiting medico-beauty specialists, Cathy Wallwork RGN, Naomi O’Hara semi-permanent make-up and Dr Frances Jack are all gifting their transformative treatments and time too.

What treatments will the ‘Face of Skin Logic’ have during the 10 weeks?

The ‘Face of Skin Logic’s’ 10 years younger in 10 weeks transformation process is now well under way and although she remains anonymous for now, we have posted a couple of teasers on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/skinlogicbeauty so SkinBase Salon Spotlight readers can see how we’re doing and see the stunning ‘before and after’ photos and video links of her journey (our lovely Face has been busy vlogging) once we’ve finished.

In deciding what treatments would work best to achieve our goal we applied a holistic approach to the programme that includes nutritional supplements and skincare for home use alongside lots of treatments in salon.

Our emphasis is on skin tightening and as well as other machine based facials, such as galvanic, plasma fibroblast and micro current, the collagen boosting power of SkinBase Radio Frequency treatments has been at the core of the entire programme. Optimising the skin with amazing treatments such as RF at the start of the course means less reliance upon the use of Botox and dermal fillers at the end.

It has been a fantastic journey so far and our lovely, ‘Face’, is an absolute joy to work with. In fact, the only thing she isn’t happy to have is short hair – so we won’t do that!

Thank you for talking to use today Sara, we can’t wait to hear and see more as the transformation unfolds!

Watch this space for more on the ‘Face of Skin Logic’ campaign.

Skin Logic offer SkinBase MD, RF, IPL you can contact them via the website here: www.skinlogicbeauty.com or call: 01794 517744

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