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Save your skin

Save your skin from the summer

Summer will be here soon (hopefully!) and with that comes our usual plea to slather on SPF and keep your skin protected from the sun. Maybe we sound like a broken record, but protecting your skin from sun damage truly is the best way to prevent premature ageing. If you’re in your 20’s, start now and get into a good sun protection routine; you’ll reap the benefits in the decades to come. Trust us, in 20 years when your peers are all wondering what your secret is, you’ll be glad you steered clear of that tropical tan after all! But what if you’re already starting to regret your misspent youth of bikinis and beach holidays with no SPF? Well, you’re in the right place. We have a few solutions to rejuvenate an ageing complexion and help save your skin!


A course of exfoliating Microdermabrasion will help save your skin from damage caused by the sun. There are many different factors that make the skin look older than it should, but Microdermabrasion works on pretty much all of them. Through its deep exfoliating action, areas of pigmentation caused by sun damage are removed, and because dead skin cells are gently exfoliated away, other signs of ageing like lines and wrinkles are reduced too. Not only this, but Microdermabrasion also involves a light vacuum action which has a stimulating effect on the skin, and helps to improve collagen production for a fresher, firmer appearance. Skin cell renewal speeds up after Microdermabrasion too, which means the skin is left radiant and glowing.

Radio Frequency

Sun exposure causes the skin to wrinkle and lose firmness more quickly than it should. If this is something you’re starting to notice, Radio Frequency might just be the solution you’ve been looking for. Skin laxity, or ‘sagging skin’ as it’s also, rather unglamorously known, is one of the most dreaded aspects of ageing. Radio Frequency can help to combat this by flooding the skin with naturally occurring collagen and realigning elastin fibres. This treatment has a reverse-ageing effect. As we get older, our collagen production comes to a standstill, but Radio Frequency stimulates the skin so that more collagen is made. This has a firming and anti-wrinkle effect on ageing skin, and the results are both instant and long-lasting.

Intense Pulsed Light

If sunspots are the main giveaway that you’ve enjoyed too much tanning you might want to try Intense Pulsed Light. This works by targeting specific structures in the skin with particular wavelengths of light. IPL can be used to break down areas of stubborn pigmentation, allowing the body to naturally remove them. Another benefit of IPL is that it stimulates collagen production for firmer skin and reduced wrinkles.

So what are you waiting for? Turn back the clock on sun damage and save your skin. Find your nearest SkinBase Therapist now! 

Image: istock.com/Lin Shao-hua

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