We thought we’d give you and those left waiting around for you some top tips on taking the drama out of getting ready.

1.) Exercise. The most amazing way to put some colour in your cheeks and leave you looking healthy and gorgeous.

2.) Get a Facial during the week. You’ll look and feel refreshed and your skin will sparkle, avoiding the need for lots of heavy foundation.

3.) Prep your outfit. Before buying things, make sure they fit you and look good. No one feels good making that last minute outfit change.

4.) Don’t try something new today. If you want to go for a new look or hairstyle, try it during the week. Going crazy with the crimpers then remembering it’s not the 80’s anymore isn’t nice, trust me.

5.) Exfoliate and shave your legs. No time? Wear a pair of tights or pull on your skinnies.

6.) Swipe on a neutral lip gloss – It makes lips look full and healthy and adds color so subtle, you don’t even need a mirror to apply it.

Simples. Book your SkinBase microdermabrasion today here (a few treatments and you’ll feel like you don’t have to wear make up at all…!)

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