We all deserve to look and feel the best we possibly can but contrary to popular belief, there is far more to be said for going make-up free than wearing make-up. In fact, here are some liberating reasons why you should dare to go bare…

Freedom for your face

How many times have you rubbed foundation across your face or pulled at your eyes whilst applying your eye-liner? All that pulling and tugging will slowly be stretching your skin and making you look older before your time. Feel liberated knowing that in choosing to go make-up free you are no longer speeding up the ageing process.

Time to be honest

In a study conducted at Massachusetts General Hospital, where participants were asked to rate various looks in terms of competence, likeability, attractiveness and trustworthiness, results showed that the images of women with make-up on compared to those who were make-up free, were seen as less trustworthy.

Help for your handbag

A seemingly trivial, yet ridiculously liberating side effect of going make-up free is the amount of space you reclaim back in your handbag. How many times have you prayed your make-up bag wouldn’t break as you squeezed it shut? How often have you ploughed through the pile of make-up products in order to find your phone, keys or cash?

Slippery Slope

What happens when wrinkles, crow’s feet and laugh lines are as familiar as our favourite bingo hall? Free yourself from make-up now because if we can’t accept our reflections in their ‘better years’ who knows how we’ll feel when we really have something to complain about.

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