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random acts of kindness

Random Acts of Kindness Day – Spread some joy!

The 17th  of February is Random Acts of Kindness Day, a day intended to celebrate and encourage us all to be a little nicer, a little kinder and a little more generous towards others. Don’t you love those videos on Facebook where someone unexpectedly pays for a wedding cake, helps out a neighbour in need or returns a lost phone? Well here’s your chance to do a little good too!

Donate to your local foodbank

This can really help to support someone in need. Most foodbanks have their own website with details of where you can go to drop donations off, and what kinds of food they’re running low on.

Offer to babysit

Do you have friends with kids who could really do with a night off? Why not offer to watch their little ones while they have an afternoon or evening just for themselves? Or if you have a friend with a newborn, drop them a text and ask if you can bring some food round for them; often new parents never even think to ask and will really appreciate it.

Send flowers

There’s a reason we give flowers on special occasions – they lift the mood, brighten a home and show that we care. But why do we need to wait for a special occasion? Pick a friend or family member and send them a bouquet, just because!

Help out a stranger

Many people turn to internet crowdfunding to raise money for things they, their family, or other people desperately need. Why not pop over to Go Fund Me, browse the fundraising pages and make a donation or two? Or if you don’t have cash to spare, why not sign up to Age UK’s telephone volunteer scheme, where you’ll chat to a lonely elderly person over the phone once a week?

Be there for someone

If you have a friend who’s going through a tough time, see if they’d be up for a coffee date and check in with them. Helping a friend through a hard period requires care, so do your research and find out what people in their situation usually need in terms of support.

Treat your colleagues

Is there a bakery near where you work that does scrumptious cupcakes or doughnuts? Put an order in for your colleagues (and yourself of course) and spread a little joy throughout the office!

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